by asterixsew Moderator 24 Sep 2020

Apologies I have been unable to take part here for a number of days. Currently I am putting my dear Brother Galaxie 3000 embroidery machine away, clear a much larger space and then start assembling my new machine. My Galaxie was my first embroidery machine and my younger daughter will be its new owner. She leads such a busy life with work family and her running that I am not sure when she is going to find time to get to grips with machine embroidery but time will tell. Her husband worked in a shop that carried out machine embroidery while at Uni so there are skills in the family though quite a while ago.

Thanks to all who have taken part in the September Cute Embroidery challenge and is there anyone else out there who is going to take part?


by dragonflyer 28d ago

Very exciting for you to get a new machine...what did you end up getting? So looking forward to seeing what you create with it... Hope your daughter enjoys your Galaxie...

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asterixsew by asterixsew 27d ago

The Galaxie will be here a while longer. All of the south of Wales U.K. is back in lockdown so no idea of when we will see each other again. I bought a Brother V3. I also have a PR650.

by airyfairy 28d ago

Congratulations Caroline on your new machine. Looking forward to seeing some projects done on your new machine. Enjoy

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asterixsew by asterixsew 27d ago

Thanks Sarah, just need to keep clearing space, unpack and get going.

by sebsews 24 Sep 2020

The Galaxie has been good to you. I have my second embroidery machine and it sits covered up in my bedroom. Can't seem to let it go, I guess it is the attatchement to a loved machine. I remember the begging and other things (ha ha) I had to give to my husband to get it. We girls always have a way to get what we want! I hope you continue with the monthly challenge. Congratulatiions on your new machine. Suzanna

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asterixsew by asterixsew 27d ago

Suzanna thanks for replying. Space is my problem and my sewing room already has too much stuff crammed in and my big PR machine. I have had so many happy hours with the Galaxie and created such wonderful stuff. A new learning curve is about to begin

by 02kar Moderator 24 Sep 2020

I know how bittersweet it is to pass your first machine onto someone else. But what a special gift to give. Enjoy your new machine and hope to see many a project from your new baby. I loved seeing folks show off projects with Cute designs and hope to see more Cute designs used.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 27d ago

Thanks for replying. I’m still not sure where there will be time for ME in her already manically busy life.