by jenne 16 Sep 2020

This little stray came to our house, we doctored her eyes they were infected, and had her neutered, she is a bit unique she has the long hairs that extend from her ears


by hightechgrammy 20d ago

I always say that those people who don't like cats..... never knew a good one! I think to have a really "good" kitty, you have to just let them do what they want to do! Ours love to sleep on the dining room table - and we let them. You just can't argue with a cat!

by hightechgrammy 20d ago

She is beautiful! Her life sure changed when she found YOU! I'm so glad you were able to provide a warm, safe home for her. What did you name her?

by airyfairy 26 Sep 2020

She is beautiful. Thank you for giving her loving homr

by noah 22 Sep 2020

Ah she is so cute Glad you now love him:):)Hugs xxx

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jenne by jenne 23 Sep 2020

she loves being outside.

by pennyhal2 19 Sep 2020

She is lucky to have found a new home with you! She is a gorgeous cat and has a majestic air about her. I'm sure you'll enjoy her presence in your life.

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jenne by jenne 23 Sep 2020

Yes I do.

by bemara 19 Sep 2020

Congratulations to your new roommate, she is a Norwegian or a MaineCoon, since the beginning of the year I am a servant of a MaineCoone, very special but sweet, hugs Maria =^..^=

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jenne by jenne 19 Sep 2020


by graceandham 18 Sep 2020

She has such a sweet face. Someone should paint that fur in oils. It is so beautiful. Strays are the best!

by pennifold 17 Sep 2020

She is absolutely a gorgeous girl. I hope she loves living with you and thank you for having her checked out by a vet and giving her a caring and loving home. LoveChris

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jenne by jenne 19 Sep 2020

she has a very bushy tail looks somewhat like a Squirrels tail. very different sorta cat.

by momac 17 Sep 2020

She is really lovely, the picture looks like a painting. Thank you for giving her a loving home. Hugs from Maureen

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jenne by jenne 19 Sep 2020

She is a different cat , crawls up in my bushes and sleeps on the small limbs.

by sebsews 17 Sep 2020

She really is a pretty kitty. I am glad she found you.

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jenne by jenne 19 Sep 2020

someone just through her out like trash.

by dailylaundry 16 Sep 2020

Isn't she pretty!!! I bet she is sweet!!

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jenne by jenne 19 Sep 2020

can't get enough petting, sleeps in my husband arms like a baby would.

by rescuer Moderator 16 Sep 2020

It looks like your cat might be a Norwegian Forest cat. If it is, you have one of the best cats. They are good with children.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Sep 2020

Besides the long hairs around her ears, she also has the cuttest face.

by 02kar Moderator 16 Sep 2020

She's beautiful! I'm glad she found you to love.

jenne by jenne 16 Sep 2020

I called her "Little Bit"

02kar by 02kar 17 Sep 2020

And she is a very cute Little Bit.

by Janus48 16 Sep 2020

Oooh....she looks like a Maine Coon Cat........very lovely little kitty. If that's her breed, she could grow into a large but sweet natured cat.

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jenne by jenne 16 Sep 2020

love to have her head rubbed.