by 02kar Moderator 13d ago

I just talked with Dave, Suzanne's (sdrise) handsome hubby. He gave a very positive report on her surgery. All went well and she is now in recovery and will be in her room within a couple of hours. Dave sounded very upbeat. I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't back on Cute tomorrow. Thank you to all for the many prayers that have been sent up for her and for Dave. And I am thrilled the surgery is over and my friend is now the bionic woman. It is a very good day.


by lbrow 11d ago

I am so glad it's over for her. Thanks Karen for the update!

by cfidl 11d ago

Excellent news, best wishes for quick therapy

by sebsews 11d ago

Thank you for keeping us updated. I am glad all is going well for Susanne. She will be up and on the go soon!

by pennyhal2 12d ago

Thanks for letting us know! Hopefully, she'll be up and zooming around again!

by sharonleekesner 12d ago

Thank you for the update.

by gerryvb 12d ago

than k you for the update with good news !!

by airyfairy 12d ago

Thank you for giving us such good news. Hope Suzanne will be up and about soon.

by mrskiki 12d ago

Wonderful news. Thanks for the update. Hugs. Nan

by pennifold 12d ago

Such great news Karen. I pray that her recovery goes smoothly and that she will be up and running about before too long. Having a new hip will give her much more mobility, so hoping for great physical therapist to help her get through the next few weeks/months. Love Chris

by basketkase 12d ago

Thank you for sharing the wonderful news.....Suzanne is one of the strongest women I know.....she will be able to outrun me when she heals!

by dailylaundry 12d ago

Thank you - thank you for the update!! Such good news! I am so pleased she has a sweet husband to help her through her recovery!!! Hugs!!

by dragonflyer 13d ago

Thanks for the update....great news!

by toogie 13d ago

I hope everything now is smooth sailing for Suzanne. I know hubby must be relieved all went so well. Thanks for letting us know

by asterixsew Moderator 13d ago

Karen thanks for letting us know about Suzanne. Very good that the op went well. Recovery is normally straight forwards. I just love that you now have a bionic friend and we have a bionic Cutie

by brendalea 13d ago

Nice to hear some good news. Prays to Suzanne.

by crafter2243 Moderator 13d ago

I am ready for good news and this is. Thank you for letting us know

by graceandham 13d ago

Many of us on here have new (bionic) parts. It's not all it's cracked up to be! So glad to hear the surgery went well. Let the physical therapy begin!