by mrskiki 13d ago

Some more projects I have been working on. Spider coasters from Kreative Kiwi. Chicken appliqué from Embroidery Library. Hugs. Nan


by dragonflyer 12d ago

These are great, Nan...

by sonjapotgieter 12d ago

Looking Gorgeous!!!

by pennifold 12d ago

Well done Nan, they look great. Love Chris

by toogie 12d ago

That's the only kind of spider I love, an embroidered one!-lol- I really like the spider design and the chicken, in the yellows, is mighty pretty.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12d ago

Those coasters turned out awesome. Perfect for Halloween. Love the chicken also, perfect blend of materials.

by noah 13d ago

Cool Coasters xx

by asterixsew Moderator 13d ago

I just love your spider mats and you have reminded me I want to buy the design too. Yours look just great

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mrskiki by mrskiki 12d ago

All her Halloween designs are $1 right now.

by pennyhal2 13d ago

Those spiders mats are just in time for October! I might have to make some too. Cute little hen. I see that you have a ribbon on it. Where do you plan to hang it?

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mrskiki by mrskiki 12d ago

Some where in my kitchen. You know - every kitchen needs a chicken!

by dailylaundry 13d ago

Oh these two are so very different but they both are stitched so well! Cute chicken and scary spiders!!!