by chenille 12 Sep 2020

Just wondering if anyone else have not been able to see Graceful Embroidery # 6.....I have downloaded up to # 5 but can not see or download # 6......??


by sewtired 16 Sep 2020

Okay, I just downloaded today's design. I signed in to my account and at the top, clicked on freebies in the horizontal menu. The tutorial is the first thing on the freebies page. After you have read the tutorial, the free designs are right below and are now up to number 10. The previous ones are all there as well. If you haven't downloaded any yet, I recommend that you open each in a new tab, so that you can easily access the tutorial if you need it. You do not need to be signed in to the forum.

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chenille by chenille 20 Sep 2020

Thanks but it didn't work....

by pennyhal2 16 Sep 2020

I had trouble too. I just gave up!

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sewtired by sewtired 16 Sep 2020

You have until a week after the end of the birthday celebration to try as she is not taking designs down until October 19 th. She has a tutorial on how to download the birthday designs, did you find that?

by sewtired 12 Sep 2020

I'm sorry, I don't quite understand your problem. You do not see design # 6 on the freebie page? I just downloaded #'s 3 thru 6 without a problem. Wish I could help you.

chenille by chenille 13 Sep 2020

I log in and have gone to latest (what's new) and up until today have seen #3 through #5. Today however, I don't see any of those and can not for the life of me find a "freebie" page! :-(

chenille by chenille 13 Sep 2020

I have also tried to register for the forum but I keep getting That I do not have an account.....I have checked and re checked password and address and it lets me log in but even if I try to reset my password it says that I don't exist!

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 14 Sep 2020

Send Hazel an e-mail so she can help you...