by toogie 06 Sep 2020

Hi Cuties, look what I just found. People are so creative, I just love the simplicity of this. Who woulda' thought....


by noah 15 Oct 2020

love her creations i might half to try this :):)

by pennyhal2 14 Sep 2020

At first I thought she made the shoes, but upon reading more, she likes to paint them! I remember every evening I'd put a new coat of polise on the white parts. Silly now that I think back.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Sep 2020

Now Toogie this is interesting because its something that I did years ago and its something I remember my younger daughter doing to her footwear when she painted gold stars all over her new school shoes. I remember being not very happy and neither were school

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toogie by toogie 06 Sep 2020

Oh goodness I guess you were upset. I remember having some Navy shoes, nice good brand shoes, as daddy always thought it was important to have well built shoes. Anyway the back and maybe 1/2 the shoe was a leather and the top and other half was a suede. Whenever it rained or maybe my feet sweat, I can’t remember, but they would make my feet turn blue! I loved them though.

by 02kar Moderator 06 Sep 2020

Oh my gosh! This is so clever. Loved the pink ones.

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toogie by toogie 06 Sep 2020

I like the navy blue! Takes me back, wish I had a pair of white sneakers-lol

by dailylaundry 06 Sep 2020

These are so cute! People are so creative!!

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toogie by toogie 06 Sep 2020

So creative and so simple!