by tonilee 06 Sep 2020

I have purchased designs from adorable applique for years I went to retrieve a design to be asked to sign in. I have changed my e mail account because of it being hacked and forgot my password after many years I cant seem to get it to any one to update email account to new email any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


by asterixsew Moderator 06 Sep 2020

Hi and sorry your having problems. Please can you send a PM to test and say what problems your having. If you don’t hear within a few days please let us know.

tonilee by tonilee 06 Sep 2020

when I click on contact on adorable applique site it just goes to a error message. I can supply old email address as well as currant one. I currently hope you can help thank you

tonilee by tonilee 06 Sep 2020

how do I leave private message

crafter2243 by crafter2243 06 Sep 2020

How to send a PM was brought up to the top. Reading through the Q&A posts will answer many questions.