by isjpeg 06 Sep 2020

Hi, Im new to embroidery and I wanted to know if using a medium weight cutaway stabliser on the inside of the t-shirt and then a water soluble stabiliser on the top is okay? My designs are pretty much outlines simialr to line art and very simple. Also what size embroidery needle would you recommend for t-shirt, sweatshirts and hoodies respectively? Can I use the same stabilisher method mentioned above for all three or do sweatshirts and hoodies require a heavy weight stabliser?


by basketkase 06 Sep 2020

Hi....I do a ton of sweatshirts and t shirts....I have only had no pucker luck using 3.0 oz cutaway stabilizer on tshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, depending how dense the design is, I may use 2 layers stabilizer on them.... You would probably get away with 1 layer doing outlines and line art. I use a 75/11 Ballpoint needle.....I have never used WSS on any of these......I only use that on towels. This is my own experience and you will find as you do your embroidery what works best for you and your machine.......some of this is just trial and error......I believe a good stitchout has alot to do with hooping, it took me quite some time to get the feel of a good hooping therefore getting a great outcome..... Hope any of this helps you out......

noah by noah 06 Sep 2020

Thanks Vicki:):) 3 0Zs Will half to check mine .That's pretty heavy right??

isjpeg by isjpeg 08 Sep 2020

Thank you for the tips! so helpful :)

by pcteddyb 06 Sep 2020

I use no show mesh on shirts - and if the design is dense (has lots of stitches) I use two pieces and I do also use the water soluble on the top. The no show mesh is helpful because it does not leave a big "outline" when looking at the shirt from the front. The same stabilizer could be used for all three fabrics.

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isjpeg by isjpeg 08 Sep 2020

Ah okay, thank you for the suggestion!

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Sep 2020

Hi and welcome. I am not going to answer your question as its so long since I embroidered either a tshirt or a hoodie that its very possible that I would give the wrong advice. Good Luck and please do post your finished embroidery under the projects section

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isjpeg by isjpeg 08 Sep 2020

Thank you! I shall :)