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by cantab 30 Aug 2020

Another Dear Daughter Quilt I helped my friend make.

Her daughter also cryed


by beth35 06 Sep 2020


by dailylaundry 02 Sep 2020

How wonderful - it shows what hard work went into this!! Hugs, Laura

by worthy 02 Sep 2020

I can see why she cried. That is one Awesome quilt. Congratulations on the work you both did.

by shirley124 31 Aug 2020

Beautiful. Hugs

by peafarm 31 Aug 2020

I love, love love it! I would cry too if someone made that for me. The colors are glorious.

by stork 31 Aug 2020

What a wonderful quilt! Love the colors

by toogie 30 Aug 2020

Such a cheery quilt! I love the bright colors and the blocks are amazing! Good job!!

by sewtired 30 Aug 2020

Quite Amazing! So colorful and cheerful. I love it too.

by tadvr 30 Aug 2020

WOW, Absolutely brilliant!!

by sewpam 30 Aug 2020

Precious and forever treasured!! The entire quilt is beautiful.

by sonjapotgieter 30 Aug 2020

Stunning!!!The most Awesome work put into this Quilt!!!Excellant job done!!!

by pennyhal2 30 Aug 2020

I'd cry too! I think this is one of my all time favorite quilts!!! You can't look at this quilt without feeling happy! Did your friend already know how to quilt? It would take me years to finish something like this. The fabrics and the co ordination of the colors is amazing. Her daughter will treasure this and I'm sure your friend apreciated your help too.

by pennifold 30 Aug 2020

This is so brilliant, no wonder her daughter cried. Well done, on all the work that went into it. Love Chri

by sebsews 30 Aug 2020

What a beautiful piece of art work! This quilt will be forever in the daughters heart!

by stock 30 Aug 2020


by mariagiannina 30 Aug 2020

Love it!! So much work, it must have taken you ages!
Mary C.

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cantab by cantab 30 Aug 2020

It was a block of the month sometimes we got more done sometimes only one. We did finish in six months