by blueeyedblonde 30 Aug 2020

Does anyone have or have used the Brother Pacesetter ULT2001?

If so, is it a good machine? I saw one for sale privately but am not sure about it. Also, does anyone know what would be a fair price - they are asking $775 Cdn.


by awesome1 31 Aug 2020

I wrote a long description yesterday but something happened to it..only a portion posted, as you can see below. It's true that major replacement parts are not available anymore, but that's expected of a machine made 20 yr's ago. I stated in my post that all parts are interchangeable between the 2001, 02, & 03. They all use the card reader/ writer (card) or the disk..which is my preferred. I also related that I got my 01 from eBay for under $400. ( minus any accessories, but my 02 has died, so...) and the 01 is my main sewing for now. These were the best machine series that Brother made, IMO. I don't know how Cdn compares w usd, but I think the value w all accessories should be worth no more than $500. Oh, and light bulbs can be found @ Walmart in auto dept. haha

by cathygarrett 30 Aug 2020

You cannot buy parts for it anymore. Not even a light bulb. And it only takes the old floppy disk. It will not hook up to your computer. To me the price is high. I sold one years ago for 600.00 with tons of stuff. I vote no on that machine.

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blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 30 Aug 2020

Thanks for the info. I will be leaving this alone.

by toogie 30 Aug 2020

I don’t know about this particular model but I do know this. I would not buy unless I could try it out. One was advertised about a two hour drive from me, perfect condition. It LOOKED in perfect condition but it sounded like it was going to throw a rod. When she showed me ‘how it worked’ it knocked like it was gonna blow up. It may have cost me some gas & time but oh so glad I went. I found one later, cheaper and in great condition. I had to drive again over an hour away but I don’t regret it.

awesome1 by awesome1 edited 30 Aug 2020

Yes, I have the 2001, '02, and '03--the numbers are the yrs. they were made. My '03 has very low stitch count because I used the '02 (my fave) and my BL Ellageo primarily. I love all 3 ==thats why I didn't want to be without a model. They come w/D

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 30 Aug 2020

Thanks for your comments.
Toogie: I wouldn't buy without trying it first. It's only 1/2 - 1 hour away, so I consider it close to go try it.
But thanks for mentioning it.