by basketkase 26 Aug 2020

Finished my Sammi series......this is Sammi #9 & 10.... they will be up on my website tonight......the Hero design will be my September will be up on my website 9-1-2020.........


by lidiad 28 Aug 2020

Beautiful designs! The kitties are so cute!
Hugs, Lidia

by sewtired 26 Aug 2020

Love your designs!
I'm thinking that you mentioned taming feral cats in some of your posts. If I'm correct, exactly how do you accomplish that? We've got a feral cat that we just had spayed indoors in a crate right now. Is there something we should be doing before setting her free? Our local animal shelters/groups are overwhelmed with kittens right now and haven't been particularly helpful.

basketkase by basketkase 27 Aug 2020

Totally get it, our animal shelters are overwhelmed as well.... We try to keep our male ferals at least overnight to assure the anethestic has worn off totally, so they can get away from predators....the females we hold for 5-7 days to insure proper healing as their surgery is more invasive. We have a double decker cage that we keep the ones we are releasing back to nature in and that is in our garage. That way we have a litter box for them and can monitor their feeding habits. The kitties we catch young enough to tenderize (rehabilitate) we have a room in our basement that we move them to and after worming and flea treatment we let them have the run of the has a screen door on the room so we can monitor him/her and they can hear us easily to acclimate them to human noises....also our resident kitties can go down and visit with them without any danger of anyone getting hurt.... Hope this was helpful.......

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 27 Aug 2020

I admire and thank you for all the effort and work you do to help the kitties!

sewtired by sewtired 28 Aug 2020

Thanks so much, we'll be a little more vigilant with the kittens when we get them spayed. We let momma go after 2 days. However, she immediately ran up the stairs to our back deck, and has still been hanging around, so we are still keeping an eye on her and she seems to be doing fine.

by sonjapotgieter 26 Aug 2020

Beautiful!!!Set of great design!!!