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by stock ( edited 24 Aug 2020 ) 24 Aug 2020

If any Aussie is using trace & toile in their hoop, you csn get it for $1.00 a metre 1m wide free delivery from here


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by dragonflyer edited 24 Aug 2020

Okay, I'll bite... what is trace & toile? Is it a type of stabilizer for machine embroidery?

mranderson by mranderson 24 Aug 2020

I just googled What is trace & toile. This is what came up....
Composition: Polyester. 'Wunder Trace and Sew' is a transparent fabric for tracing off paper patterns, stitching up the traced off pattern and testing the design. The traced off pattern can be altered from a fitting and then used as the master pattern to cut the garment from.

stock by stock 24 Aug 2020

it is like the cutaway stabilizer, or vylene

by babash 24 Aug 2020

Thank You

by marianb 24 Aug 2020