by mops 21 Aug 2020

A client asked me to embroider a towel, which in her case always means to digitise something. This time she needed a vinca major, so I made one - pict 1. But she wanted the petals to be a bit more pointed to match her friends tattoo. I never use white when digitising as it does not show up well in the software.

Next one was OK, colours her choice.


by jrob Moderator 29 Aug 2020

Beautiful job as always. Your placement is wonderful, too. I dislike seeing embroidery designs on the un-stitched bands near the bottom of towels. This really looks classy.

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mops by mops 29 Aug 2020

Thank you. I dislike half on, half off even more.

by lidiad 28 Aug 2020

Lovely designs!
Hugs, Lidia

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mops by mops 29 Aug 2020

Thanks Lidia.

by mariagiannina 23 Aug 2020

Love the embroidery and colours on the towels!
Great digitising.

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mops by mops 29 Aug 2020

Thank you

by teun 23 Aug 2020

Hallo Martine
Een heel mooie datei,maar persoonlijk vindt ik de blauwe mooier .
Maar smaken verschillen. Liefs Lammy

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mops by mops 23 Aug 2020

Ik ook!

by pennifold 23 Aug 2020

These look fantastic Martine, well done. Love Chris

by mops Moderator 23 Aug 2020

Could not add pictures in the comment, so Toogie, here's what I did.

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toogie by toogie 23 Aug 2020

Very nice indeed! The circle would make a nice doily and the corner perhaps, on each side of a jacket, center front hem. A lovely set, M.

by toogie 22 Aug 2020

I don't care for tattoos but I really like your design. You do so well. You must have made knock down stitches under the name, perhaps? How wide is the design? It would look good on a zipper bag or front on a tee shirt under the neckline....

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mops by mops 23 Aug 2020

Yes, I had embossing or knock-down stitches underneath the name as the towel is a thick one.
The size of the design is 6" wide, made a smaller one too (without the name) that measures 3.75"x 1.42"
Then started to play a little more and made a circle consisting of 5 of the designs, which ended up 7.5"
I also had fun with copy, paste and rotate to make a corner design ( 3.6"x 3.7")
Had not thought of a neckline, so thank you for that idea.

by shirley124 21 Aug 2020

Beautiful. Hugs

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mops by mops 22 Aug 2020


by sebsews 21 Aug 2020

I agree on the white and software. You created a beautiful design.

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mops by mops 22 Aug 2020

Thank you.

by basketkase 21 Aug 2020

Gorgeous, Martine........I know exactly what you mean by white not showing up in programs....

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mops by mops 22 Aug 2020

I thought you knew. Problem is some clients have trouble imagining what a different colour would look like.

by dragonflyer 21 Aug 2020

I am sure she will be pleased!

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mops by mops 22 Aug 2020

Thank you. She was.

by sonjapotgieter 21 Aug 2020


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mops by mops 22 Aug 2020

Thank you.

by dailylaundry 21 Aug 2020

I think it is a lovely design! You have such wonderful talent!! Hugs, Laura

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mops by mops 22 Aug 2020

I have vinca in the garden so I could get the shape right and match the green. No flowers at the moment but know what they look like and she wanted white anyway.

by peafarm 21 Aug 2020

Nice job---it is a beautiful design.

by gerryvb 21 Aug 2020

glad she was satisfied, some clients don't understand it takes time to digitize a specific design,
And matching the tattoo on a towel ? if it's on clothing to match...okay, but a matching towel .....?
But you did a great job again !!

mops by mops 21 Aug 2020

I was surprised as well. I wonder if she'll take a picture of towel and tattoo - LOL.

gerryvb by gerryvb 21 Aug 2020

that would be funny

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Aug 2020

Great design and embroidering. I have never heard of matching a design to a tattoo so that’s a first.

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mops by mops 21 Aug 2020

Funny, isn't it.