by sewpam 05 Aug 2020

As promised, here are pictures of the ballerina quilt that I have been working on. I would like to thank everyone that gave me advise and encouragement. There are several firsts for myself, first quilt-as-you-go, first time quilting in the hoop, first time for this style of binding. It was a fun project but harder than I was expecting.


by Bstarr7125 10 Aug 2020

I love it!!

by sonjapotgieter 09 Aug 2020

Stunning Quilt!!Fantastic work done!!!

by airyfairy 09 Aug 2020

Well done. Amazing first effort.

by blueeyedblonde 09 Aug 2020


by pennifold 07 Aug 2020

Hi Pam, first of all let me congratulate you on your "firsts". It has turned out so beautiful. Your granddaughter will absolutely love it. Secondly, I love the pink sashing on each design and it's wonderful to see all the colours involved, plus the different fabric choices, well done. Including the primary colours makes the quilt 'pop'
I still haven't done a quilt as you go quilt and I've been making them for years! Love Chris

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sewpam by sewpam 07 Aug 2020

Thank you Chris. I made it a quilt-as-you-go since I do not have a long arm nor did I want to pay to have it quilted with a long arm. The quilting in the hoop was pretty easy but it did take time to be sure the designs were aligned in the hoop. The quilting on the sashing is with a decorative stitch, Putting the whole thing together was not as easy as I thought it would be. The first three sections went together very smoothly but the bigger it became harder it was to work with. But knowing that, another quilt as you go is in the planning stage.

by sewtired 06 Aug 2020

Well done. I have several quilts started, but only a few completed and they were done years ago by hand.

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sewpam by sewpam 07 Aug 2020

Thank you. Jump right in and see what it will take to finish. It is really satisfying to finally finish a project that was started years ago. I had one unfinished for 30 years, started it summer of 1987 finished it summer 2017.

by shirley124 06 Aug 2020

Very nice. Hugs

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sewpam by sewpam 07 Aug 2020

Thank you.

by toogie 06 Aug 2020

What a bright and happy looking quilt! Love your ballerinas too! Are your ballerinas from Cute? Good job!

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sewpam by sewpam 07 Aug 2020

Thank you. The ballerinas are not from Cute. The redwork ballerinas and the colorful ballerinas came from different sites. Let me know if you want to know the sites and I will send a personal message.

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Aug 2020

What a cheerful quilt. All of your first attempts were successful and also a wonderful way to use left overs. Well done.

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sewpam by sewpam 07 Aug 2020

Thank you. I did use some left overs but most of it is from fabric I had by buying a yard at a time here and there, therefore creating more left overs than was used.

by jrob Moderator 06 Aug 2020

It certainly turned out well. I love it!

by faicat 06 Aug 2020

That's so lovely!

by worthy 06 Aug 2020

OK, I put a comment on back pict before seeing the front and I have to say 'I didnot say enough' . Absolutely love your color choices (I also am color challenged when it comes to mix and match) you did a great job on it as well as the color and fabric you used on the rest of the quilt. It is such a happy quilt.

sewpam by sewpam 07 Aug 2020

Thank you. I also think it is a happy quilt. I hope my granddaughter will think that way too.

worthy by worthy 07 Aug 2020

No worry there, She most definitely will love it.

by AuntAnnie 06 Aug 2020

It turned out beautifully--and perfect, too.

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sewpam by sewpam 07 Aug 2020

Thank you!! Far from perfect just don't look too close or change your glasses there are lots of flaws including two places that I had to repair fabric, one is not very noticeable, the other hooping to cover it with the label.

by dragonflyer 06 Aug 2020

So cute...this will make someone very happy!

by brendalea 06 Aug 2020

Very nice quilt. Thank you for sharing Happy Stitching :-)

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sewpam by sewpam 06 Aug 2020

I am happy to share. Thank you

by 02kar Moderator 06 Aug 2020

What a beautiful quilt! I'd say it is worth every minute it took as well as the time, effort and all of the decisions to make it.

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sewpam by sewpam 06 Aug 2020

One decision that probably comes easily to most people but not to myself, is choosing thread color. I spent a bunch of time just choosing thread. Thank you for your comment.

by marianb 06 Aug 2020

Very nice!

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sewpam by sewpam 06 Aug 2020

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

by mariagiannina 06 Aug 2020

Pretty quilt!

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sewpam by sewpam 06 Aug 2020

Thank you and thank you for looking.

by graceandham 05 Aug 2020

The ballerinas are darling. You have done a great job on this quilt of firsts.

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sewpam by sewpam 06 Aug 2020

Thank you. I learned a lot on this project.

by dailylaundry 05 Aug 2020

Oh, I love it - the colors are wonderful and you can tell it too some work and patience went into making this - just lovely!

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sewpam by sewpam 06 Aug 2020

I spent a few days choosing the brightest fabrics from my stash, Thank you for your kind words

by christracey 05 Aug 2020

A lot of work has gone into this. It looks great. :-)

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sewpam by sewpam 06 Aug 2020

Thank you. At least having the quilt design on graft paper made the piecing go smooth.