by jrob Moderator 14 Jul 2008

are being vastly underused on just embroidery and chatting! We need to be published! This is such fun, thanks for joining in and taking part or just reading our collection.


by kitty2011 16 Jul 2012

So true & such fun !

by blueeyedblonde 16 Jul 2012

love both the poems/songs! So true!

by pldc 15 Jul 2012

well done! hugs Loralye

by kiffuri 13 Jul 2012

This is beautiful

by myster60 11 Jul 2012

this a great site and enjoy coming to it and seeing what is on here!! meeting new people

by dabraham 11 Jan 2012

Fan Flaming Fantastic

love both versions and both pictures


by joyce05 23 Oct 2011

Every bit the truth. I have to admit that I am one of the addicted. Thanks for sharing. It made my day knowing I am not alone.

by lidiad 19 Oct 2011

JRob, I have just read your poem! It's brilliant! I can't stop laughin!!!! Never had a day like today... fantastic! Thank you very much!!!!!

by lidiad 18 Oct 2011

Love your poem, Meri!!!!!!!! How true!!!!!! Thank you jrob for starting it! :)

by katydid 18 Oct 2011

wow!! who brought this up??

by cleide 18 Oct 2011

thak you

by lbrow 09 Oct 2011

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH---- Such sweet memories of all of us doing this./Lillian

by patsy28 08 Oct 2011

Great job Cuties!! You all really have lots of talent! This song should play at the beginning of the Community section. Do we have any singers? lol

by susiesembroidery 22 Sep 2011

Thank you very m uch for this lovely song on our cuties. All praises to everyone who contributed and flowers to you all Hugs and kisses ****

noah by noah 22 Sep 2011

love it:):)

dilceia by dilceia 09 Oct 2011

whoohoo!! Congrats!

by leely 22 Sep 2011

Wow, unbelievable :D You 2 authors are too funny.
Great job, made me laugh :) thank u

by ansalu 08 Sep 2011

Never seen that until now after the update.
Great musicians at CUTE :o)
Greetings, Bettina

by jid53 27 Dec 2010

Luv it you are all so clever and your song words so true

by katydid 25 Nov 2010

You cuties are on a roll!! Love it! Kay

starlet2653 by starlet2653 13 Sep 2011

So cute. It would make a beautiful embroidery design. I wish I knew how to digitize.

terriweistra by terriweistra 22 Sep 2011

Me too, I think this picture is worth more than a 1000 words!!!! (PS I wish I looked like the first one!) LOL

lidiad by lidiad 18 Oct 2011

Lovely picture, katydid!!!

mrsbutterfly by mrsbutterfly 18 Nov 2011

I could have a go at digitizing it...can't promise anything spectacular as I am just learning...does it have a copyright on it...

by dilceia 24 Nov 2010

Gorgeous !!!!!!

by eyeztodiefor10 24 Nov 2010

The cuties song
is really long
the words so true
I can't be blue
but all this stitchin
never seems to happen
'cause I'm on the computer
typing and laughing
so many new friends
that I don't know
the Christians among them
proudly let it show
If only I spent more time
a sewing
but here on Cuties
Ideas are flowing
I need to see
what Shirlene just wrote
and Chris and Alice
we're all in the same boat
The best part of Cuties
isn't in the designs
It's all the shared love
that keeps me behind
But I don't care
if I have the flu
I'll be right here
with the rest of you
we'll share and laugh
and shed a tear
but only natures' call
takes me away from here
I've heard it before
But I'll say it again
Cuties is a word
that to me means friend


pennifold by pennifold 24 Nov 2010

O! Meri, that is just gorgeous - you're a poet and don't know it!

I agree with everything you have said. Love and blessings to you Chris

dilceia by dilceia 24 Nov 2010

Whoohoo... congrats!
This is fantastic!!!!

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 24 Nov 2010

Well said ther Meri -

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 08 Sep 2011

This is so sweet. I love your poem. It is exactly how I feel about all our cuties.**

francine72 by francine72 09 Jun 2012

so true.. love it

Hands24 by Hands24 30 Aug 2012

So true love it xx

by lbrow 24 Nov 2010

Oh my goodness, this does bring back memories. Seems only yesterday we were doing this & you Jerrilyn was putting it together for us. Thanks for the memories, who ever found this & brought it back up./Lillian

by kaco 24 Nov 2010

Very creative! Congrats!

by sewmom 04 Oct 2010

Very creative!

by annatjievdw 14 Apr 2010

Wonderful idea and I enjoyed it so much because it is so true. Great job Jerilyn you not only deserve flowers but also medals for this idea.

by 02kar Moderator 14 Apr 2010

You must know me. The stanzas desribe me to a 't'. You are multitalented and I am humbled. So I'll keep on checking out the
Cute site and embroidering.

by twee 14 Apr 2010

What a hoot! I'm getting so addicted.

by dilceia 13 Apr 2010

Jrob, Que maravilha! Lindo!
Parabéns pela letra, muito boa!!!

by nanniesara 17 Oct 2009

It is so cute and so true, we all are truly addicted should we start another site for being addicted to stitching. someone will have their spouse treated for being addicted to embroidery.Can't you see the headlines now. Divorce because of Embroidery addiction!!! Ha Ha. One has to admit that it is better than booze or drugs. Have a great day everybody. I gotta get surfing for more info and designs to stitch when I get off the net. See you all soon.

1 comment
balmorysco by balmorysco 09 Apr 2010

My DH said yesterday he is jealous of my brother machine!

by chenille 17 Aug 2009

Just saw this!! Toooo"Cute" for words !!....And Sooooo true!
Also love Shirlener's pic to go with..super job "Cuties"!!

by katydid 16 Aug 2009

ttt. Fun to read this again and enjoyed giving flowers again.

by sambsranch 26 Dec 2008

That is sooo cute, but of corse.. It came from CUTIES!!! Sam PS *4U

1 comment
sambsranch by sambsranch 28 Dec 2008

I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEARS to ev1... N a flower 4 all...
Sam :)

by adelmarie 26 Dec 2008

sending this back to the top for our new cuties

by michelej 26 Dec 2008

So so excellent.....Love it....

by zedna 26 Dec 2008

Just found the cute!

by kezza2sew 17 Nov 2008

4 mths later and I just see this, maybe I'm out too much. Great job jrob.....

by gramsbear 26 Oct 2008

Good job, great song, but too true! LOL. *4All

by lynlaing 25 Oct 2008

Sorry I'll try that again[IMG][/IMG]

1 comment
jrob by jrob 26 Oct 2008

Cool, we have a dancer to go with the song!

by lynlaing 25 Oct 2008

[IMG][/IMG]Love the cute song

by kharriman 22 Sep 2008

where is the link for the song?

1 comment
jrob by jrob 24 Sep 2008

just below projects at the top of the page.

by 4lghoward 12 Aug 2008

This is so fun. Great job all of you cuties!

1 comment
4lghoward by 4lghoward 12 Aug 2008

Flowers for the house, as usual.

by colonies1 11 Aug 2008

Came out great I think. *4 all the cuties...........

by elaine45 09 Aug 2008

What a riot and so true.....

by raels011 09 Aug 2008

You have done a great job Jerrilyn

1 comment
jrob by jrob 09 Aug 2008

This was a TOTAL group effort...I just wrote the beginning. Thanks!

by amarilloactor 09 Aug 2008

This is fantastic. Great job everyone!! I'll do the choreography when we go on tour. Eric

1 comment
jrob by jrob 09 Aug 2008


by lbrow 14 Jul 2008

Good job lovely lady, I really enjoyed reading all of it & looking at all the great images *4U

by colmag 14 Jul 2008

Wow jrob, what a great job, how talented are we on cute,
flowers to all

by pafhen 14 Jul 2008

Jrob, U did a great job bringing this tune together

by clawton 14 Jul 2008

A great collection. It really describes the SADD folks/mates.

by shirleysisson 14 Jul 2008

Well done Jerilyn. I'm up for the tour. *4U

by annita1 14 Jul 2008

Wat een mooi liedje , heb er van genoten . Ook al heb ik niet alles verstaan .

by anna25775 14 Jul 2008

I LOVE IT! well done to all those who contributed ********

by jrob Moderator 14 Jul 2008

Here's the dancing chorus line.....

meganne by meganne 14 Jul 2008

OH would that i still looked like that!!!
ROFLMBO!!!! hnr, Wishful Thinking

Menahin by Menahin 19 Jun 2012


by reddish 14 Jul 2008

Nice idea for the song & people who joined in--reddish

by sqdancer 14 Jul 2008

Lookin good jrob...great job ladies..

by adelmarie 14 Jul 2008

This is such a CUTE song! :)

by katydid 14 Jul 2008

We should have better things to do, But I'm as guilty as you!

1 comment
shirlener88 by shirlener88 14 Jul 2008

We do - we do this, too! Hehehe!

by shirlener88 14 Jul 2008


gerryvb by gerryvb 14 Jul 2008

this is cute too!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 14 Jul 2008

Thanks Gerry, it is just us 'cuties' sitting around chatting.

anna25775 by anna25775 14 Jul 2008

oh gosh Shirlene, what a great pic of the 3 generations chatting lol...... looooove it! *4u

nglover1 by nglover1 14 Jul 2008

Jrob you had such a great idea, and have done a great job putting all the verses together. When can we go on tour? A flower for you.

clawton by clawton 14 Jul 2008

This is so cute!!!

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 14 Jul 2008

I fully agree - this is just tooo tooo cute.

pafhen by pafhen 14 Jul 2008

Love the pic Shirl

oldandgrey by oldandgrey 09 Aug 2008

This is terrific,had a good laugh.
Love the Granny animation, anyone digitzed it? would made a great talking point.

4lghoward by 4lghoward 12 Aug 2008

I think so too! Please do

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 16 Nov 2008

love the doiley's on the heads

marthie by marthie 15 Aug 2009

U always have such lovely pics. Where do u find them?

balmorysco by balmorysco 09 Apr 2010

The doilies on the heads maybe FSL??? Hahaha... addicted me,poor girl

dilceia by dilceia 13 Apr 2010


shirlener88 by shirlener88 29 Apr 2010

Thanks to each of you.

trovato by trovato 24 Nov 2010

This is the best I've seen. thank you Shirlene. Hugs, Yvonne

lidiad by lidiad 18 Oct 2011

Love it! The picture you have posted goes perfectly well with the poem! Thank you. I love what balmorisco has written: the doilies on the heads maybe FSL?" I am still laughin !!!!! :)

Menahin by Menahin 19 Jun 2012

Its nice !

by quiltgrama 14 Jul 2008

That is fantastic. All the cuties did an amazing job. Thanks Jrob for putting it all together. Lisa

by dgrammy 14 Jul 2008

way to go jrob,great job!

by marymoore 14 Jul 2008

very good everyone

by gerryvb 14 Jul 2008

when can we all get together to sing in a demo,hehe!*4 all the writers!!

1 comment
sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 14 Jul 2008

sent you a flower for a great job, as usual.

by jayemcee46 14 Jul 2008

this is great! Great idea jrob, any cute musicians to add a tune? jo

getEdited - SELECT
by jrob Moderator 14 Jul 2008

The Cute Song
(sing to your favorite rap music)

I’ve got no friends, but I don't care.
I surf the net in my underwear.

Then one fine day I found this site right here.
It has lots of cuties that love to share.

I check today to see what I can borrow,
Will be back again for sure tomorrow.

I love to get freebies every day
Check high and low, even e-bay!

I'm addicted it's a shame
I have only myself to blame
can't refuse to look and see
it's such a lovely site to be

Back inside with a cup of java
sit all day to not be bothered...

I come on CUTE to read the blog
then get myself dressed to walk the dog.

With a needle and bobbin and design so cute,
I'll tackle my housework when I give a HOOT!

I am awake at 3 dying for a pee.
Now I am here I thought I'd come see

I love 'Cute', that's for sure,
For S.A.D.D. there is no cure!

Redwork, alphas, lace and appliqué
Designs all change every weekday

Oh but come tomorrow, I'll just surf again,
though not to my sorrow. for come what may,
the day will be gay cause the cutes make me grin

So many friends I have found,
Brother, Sisters all around
so many flowers there on the ground.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Another flower I have found.

My design stash is growing, my projects aren't done,
No time for sewing, I'm just having fun!!!!!!!

We love to give a flower here and a flower there.
The projects here are beyond compare

Forget about housework, forget about dinner,
My stash is growing. Am I getting thinner?
That side effect of S.A.D.D.
Would be a gift from heaven for me.

Quilts, bags, towels, bottoms & tops
we embroider them with lots & lots
of flowers, animals, names and such
oh my there is just so much
to do each day & then to see
what other cuties have done like me

I have found new friends, but I still don't care. I still surf the net in my underwear! Downloading this, and downloading that, S.A.D.D.has gotten a hold of me, drat! Help...I am drowning in my stash..... OH, What the heck, here is a flower for your stack.
I'm not much good at making things rhyme, so I'll just give some flowers this time.
Like the rivers that flow
And the sun that shine
I love to see your faces glow
And I don't like to whine

When I have a question
And I need an answer
I can come on CUTE
For solutions to make my new suit

CUTE gives a hoot
CUTE gives a hoot
Cute gives a hoot

And you will never thirst
From lack of knowledge
When you hang out with the CUTE gang
Because you are sure to get a BANG
Whether it's sunny, rain or snow
cuties keep us in the know
I don't care what others says
but I love Veronika's place
I have lots of things to do
but I don't want to cook
I just want to be sitting here
reading all my dears
I only want to help
and I'm always on the way
We love this place so...
we live here day and night.
To collect designs, friends
and whatever just to sew.
Download, Download
All day long
What feels so good
Can't be wrong
Veronica knows what to do
To keep us "CUTIES" interested too
There's Shirlene, Jrob, Raels and Mops
All our friends at the tops
Numbers, flowers, all are great
Just so long as we aren't too late
Show your projects, Show them all
For this is "CUTIES", one and all!!
We find them here, we find them there, from where they come we do not care. We whip them up and stitch them down, on what we stitch is anything laying around. My husband says on what I stitch he doesn't care, as long as it's not his underwear.

jrob by jrob 14 Jul 2008

even with the wonderful changes I just used up all the space here, I think! The spaces between toward the end don't show. But you can at least read it! Enjoy;)

nonmusicmom by nonmusicmom 14 Jul 2008

Good job. Keep going!!!

lollie by lollie 14 Jul 2008

I love it!!! You say it so well. Lollie

blackie by blackie 14 Jul 2008

Clever as !!! - talented cuties are everywhere - this is just so well done and another fun way of getting to know you all (and your hidden talents).jrob you need ***********bundles of flowers LOL and so well done - Blackie

jrob by jrob 09 Aug 2008

Do you want me to list the authors to each verse?

marjialexa by marjialexa 09 Aug 2008

Oh, how absolutely cool!!! Veronkia put our song at the top of the page!!!! I can't get over how wonderful she is to us! Yaaayyy everybody for writing verses, and Yaaaayyy Veronika for putting the link at the top of the page!! Love it!! Marji

shirlener88 by shirlener88 29 Apr 2010

still so cute.

starlet2653 by starlet2653 02 Aug 2010

Shirlene, I love this teatime pic. I wish I could digitize it. It would make a lovely Tea table cover. U've just received a flower for it.
Blessings, Starlet

sewmom by sewmom 04 Oct 2010


rgotter by rgotter 29 Mar 2012

Thank you for putting a smile on my face! Glad I'm not the only one up at 3!!

francine72 by francine72 09 Jun 2012

haha i love it!!

Menahin by Menahin 19 Jun 2012

That is so lovely.

kiffuri by kiffuri 13 Jul 2012

This is beautiful

drro by drro 17 Jul 2012

Cute! And...true!

Hands24 by Hands24 30 Aug 2012