by queenofhearts 28 Jul 2020

Does anyone know where I can purchase Sigma thread? I have some that I got from Metro but they no longer carry that brand. I asked them if they could direct me to another supplier but they said they didn't know.


by queenofhearts 29 Jul 2020

Thanks to all who replied to my question. Got my fingers crossed that the spool I have will last until I finish my project.

by pennyhal2 29 Jul 2020

I found this site...but I think it is in India maybe?

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 29 Jul 2020

Yes, it is in India and it looks like you have to purchase 100 spools.

by sharonleekesner 29 Jul 2020

I too bought Sigma thread from Metroemb and was really surprised when I went to reorder and it wasn't there. I did all kinds of searches and the only thing I could find was individual people that would sell one of their spools for $12 to $30. I stopped searching. Bfc-creations and ThreadArt, both sell nice threads that aren't expensive. They also have sales. Hope you find what you need.

by dragonflyer 29 Jul 2020

Seems like it might not be manufactured anymore... What is the "magic" of Sigma thread? I have used it in the past and far prefer the Metro thread to the Sigma brand...Is it a particular color or ???

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 29 Jul 2020

I had started a project with a particular color and I don't think I'm going to have enough to finish it. Metro sent me a color chart with some possible matches so I will probably go in that direction since Sigma doesn't seem to be found.

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 30 Jul 2020

Please let us know the color number and name, if you have it. One of us might have some.

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by toogie edited 28 Jul 2020

I found this but I've never shopped there. It looks like a shop in Askansas.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 28 Jul 2020

That is funny. I was just curious and checked it out. No choice of color. I wonder how many spools they will sell that way.

toogie by toogie 29 Jul 2020

I never noticed but they have a phone number to call

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 29 Jul 2020

Thanks for the tip. I checked that out. No color choice? Probably closing out whatever they have left. And $5.99 is not cheap when you don't know what you are getting.