by airyfairy 23 Jul 2020

From my side, my cross stitch is finished. I have just washed it ( has made the colours look so dark) and stretched it out to dry flat. I will then iron it and then off to the framers, hopefully tomorrow.

I have just loved doing this and has kept me busy through Covid. Thank you all for your support.


by lbrow 26 Jul 2020

Oh so Beautiful Sarah.

by 02kar Moderator 25 Jul 2020

It is GORGEOUS!!! I'm so glad you finished it. Well worth the many hours and the eye strain. Can't wait to see what the framer does with it. It is so worth the money to have works like this professionally framed.

by Nicky602 24 Jul 2020

WOW!! Stunning Sarah,

Well done it looks lovely

Lotsa love

by mranderson 23 Jul 2020

Beautiful work Sarah, so time consuming and we seem to have plenty of time to fill in these days. Looking forward to seeing it framed. Hugs

by kustomkuddle 23 Jul 2020

It is beautiful. It is so amazing to see a project completed. Love the color you chose for the framing of the design!

by tuross 23 Jul 2020

Beautiful work and such patience. Hugs Lynne

by jenne 23 Jul 2020

beautiful, how neat that these cross stitches just little x"s can be shaded to look so real and have such beautiful shading . Well done.

by hightechgrammy 23 Jul 2020

It's just beautiful!!! It is hand stitched right?

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Jul 2020

Good job. It turned out so beautiful, well worth all the hours you spend with it. Glad it helped you keep busy during this crazy time.

by toogie 23 Jul 2020

It looks great even un-framed! I love these patterns with all the shadings but it doesn't help the eyesight for sure. Once I stitched a quilt on a porch with so many shades of yellow I thought I'd go blind trying to keep my place. You did very well. You can always start another....

by sdrise 23 Jul 2020

Beautiful Sarah!! IT is a work of art...Many hours in there,,, You did a beautiful job and it is going to be fantastic when framed.

by dragonflyer 23 Jul 2020

Beautiful job, Sarah! I love this... Can't wait to see it framed... Love the dark grey border.

by pennifold 23 Jul 2020

Wow! Sarah I knew the dark grey would set this off beautifully and you certainly have made this picture pop. Well done,love Chris

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airyfairy by airyfairy 23 Jul 2020

Thanks Chris. In a way I am so sorry I have finished it. It has certainly kept me occupied

by mrskiki 23 Jul 2020

Very pretty. You must show it to us once it is framed. Hugs. Nan

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airyfairy by airyfairy 23 Jul 2020

Thank you Nan. Will do

by momac 23 Jul 2020

Fantastic work Sarah, your eyesight must be good. Hugs from Maureen

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airyfairy by airyfairy 23 Jul 2020

Thank you Maureen. My eyesight is terrible but I have a wonderful reading light, also a magnifying glass and of course my glasses.

by gerryvb 23 Jul 2020

it's beautiful, and the color you picked for the border matches the design wonderful, looking forward to see the result when it's framed.....Hugs ))) Gerry

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airyfairy by airyfairy 23 Jul 2020

Thank you Gerry. I also think the border looks nice in the dark grey. So looking forward to having it framed.