by pennyhal2 20 Jul 2020

For some odd reason, I can't figure out how to see all of PNW's designs. I login, but can't get past the opening page. I know I've bought from them before and my account is good. Does anyone have any hints for me?


by pennyhal2 28 Jul 2020

I logged in with Google and I went to PNW and checked passwords...and it brought me to a list that included my banking account with my name and password! I have no clue how my information got on that link, but it did.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 28 Jul 2020

WIth further investigation, my software posted this:

"Your connection to this site is not secure"

and went on to say that they could access passwords etc.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 29 Jul 2020

I'm beginning to think that that their website might have been hijacked. Changed my passwords today.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 30 Jul 2020

I emailed PNW and got this response:

"The extra layer of security is when you actually go to check out. The rest of the website is normal type of secured. It cost hundreds every year to add that extra layer to the entire website.
\I'm just "small potatoes" here so opted for just the check-out which is what we all need, to be ehave that extra layer of security.
Not sure why yesterday was any different then any other day. I checked with my host and they don't have a notice of anything weird stuff. I do appreciate the heads up!

by Zinobia 28 Jul 2020

seems some serious website issues. I have not been able to access my account and download as either it keeps emptying my cart or keeps asking me to log in again and again in vicious circle. i leave the website frustrated.

by Sewmum1 23 Jul 2020

I use firefox. I am not able to see the designs or the add to cart links until I log in.
Click My Account at the top then log in on the right hand side of the screen where is says returning customers. So far this is the only way I can see many of the designs/pricing or even add them to the cart.

by sharonleekesner 20 Jul 2020

I had to go back and use Internet Explorer, I hear Chrome works too, delete your cookies, sign in and things will appear and go into your basket.