by mrskiki 13 Jul 2020

I need some help/advice please. Daughter of good friends is getting married for the first time at age 38. They of course have been living together for a few years.

Husband and I have been like second parents to her, especially during college years. I would like to have a "shower" of some sort for her but have no idea how to approach this. They probably don't need very much in the way of household stuff. Any ideas? Hugs. Nan


by hightechgrammy 23 Jul 2020

I made a simple personalized wedding date with a heart and cross with mountains in the background. I put the design on a nice smooth towel. They LOVED it and I felt a little guilty because it didn't take long at all. Their dad framed it immediately. If they don't want it to be displayed forever, it's their choice and I'm not decorating their home. For another couple I made a small quilt out of the Love Chapter bunnies on Embroidery Library. It's on their couch 7 years later.....

by clintonmiss22 14 Jul 2020

Maybe an old fashioned "pounding"? Even if they have household items, they can always use food like coffee, flour and sugar. And pantry items like foil, napkins, etc. Doesn't have the lasting memory of a piece of pottery or silver, but would make for a memorable shower if the givers got creative.

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by meganne edited 14 Jul 2020

Hi Nan, I was thinking you could always have a purchasing party shower, like a Linnen Party or, Aromatherapy, Lingerie, Tupperware, ( which is quite popular again now), or any number of other sales parties, but instead of bringing little gifts everyone can contribute an amount they choose then your 'adopted' daughter, who you have named as the Hostess, can choose something she'd really like from the goods for sale.

These are quite popular here, among the younger generation, for all sorts of showers.

The guests, of course, can always purchase items for themselves if they want and then the commission on their purchases can also help towards the cost of something she really wants.

hugs n roses, Meg

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meganne by meganne 14 Jul 2020

I should have added that several Tupperware parties we have had have been held outside in parks and our distributor has used the modern Tupperware to make cocktails and such. They were a huge hit. :-)

by Sewmum1 14 Jul 2020

Sounds like an opportunity to get really creative.

My suggestion would be for every 'guest' to provide a favourite or 'secret' family recipe including the origin and story behind the recipe. non perishable ingredients to make each recipe could be included. To make it more special each recipe could be hand written and then placed in a special binder or book.

My dh and I had one gifted to us when we first got married and we have added our own family recipes to it over the years. Since my kids were little I have for each of them a binder where I have hand written more family recipes in over the years. It will be gifted to them when they leave home.

by pennyhal2 13 Jul 2020

How about a dinner "out" at a nice place? A gift card and a menu from a great restaruant that does take out?

by toogie 13 Jul 2020

This was an usual shower.
The niece by marriage that I travel with, has a niece that's expecting. They had a 'baby shower' where people drove through the circular drive and dropped off gifts on the walk. Callie, the pregnant one, was sitting outside close to the house but where people dropping off could see, wave, shout to her. Later after all gifts were dropped, Callie and hubby had a camera set up where they opened gifts and everybody could watch her open & she could remark or thank them live via Facebook or something. Definitely an unusual & memorable shower!
Maybe you could do something like that.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 13 Jul 2020

Now that is a fantastic solution!

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 14 Jul 2020

My daughter in law did something like that for my grand daughter's birthday, only they also had an ice cream truck.

jenne by jenne 15 Jul 2020

What a neat idea, the perfect answer.

by basketkase 13 Jul 2020

Something like a grill out shower could be fun.......have guests bring gifts that have to do with grilling out or outdoor activity.....also would be safer to do outside too with this virus hanging around. Food coupons or gift certificates could also be good gift suggestions for people that have everything....Good luck, Nan!!