by basketkase 25d ago

I spent all day yesterday working on this Lioness....very grueling but extremely satifying!! The design is simply called Lioness.......the other design will be August freebie on my website which will be available 8-1-2020.....I am a serious mask wearer and want to keep everyone safe!! The Lioness is currently on my website now.......


by airyfairy 15d ago

The lioness is amazing. Beautiful work Vicki. I have masks in my car, in my pockets, bags (purses) in fact everywhere. Soon as we go out, on goes a mask

by Bstarr7125 18d ago

Your designs are beautiful. I so admire your work, wish I had just a smiggon of your talent. I hope your Sammi is comfortable, I feel so bad for you I have a 13 year old Sheepdog who is beginning to have health issues and it is so hard watching them knowing you can't do anything. I just give Molly lots of love. I don't don't go out much because of this monster pandemic, Hope you are recovering from your surgery, and give Sammi pet from me.

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basketkase by basketkase 17d ago

Thank you so much....I wish you many more years with your beloved Molly......I too am home bound with the covid stuff going on.....

by dailylaundry 24d ago

Both of these are wonderful! The casket says a bunch! And, the Lioness is ferocious!!!

by pennifold 24d ago

Wow! Vicki she is beautiful and I love the casket! Love Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 25d ago

The lioness design looks superb

by pennyhal2 25d ago

I enjoy all the details you put into this lion, especially around the mouth and the tips of the ears. A very realistic tiger! Your casket made me laugh! A lot of truth in that.

by sewtired 25d ago

Beautiful Lioness and rather scary. How is Sammi doing? DH and I are also pretty much staying home and believe in proper mask wearing. (It's amazing how many around here wear theirs below their nose. Could have something to do with the climbing numbers in Texas.

basketkase by basketkase 24d ago

Same thing here.......below their nose, what the heck!!! Our grocery stores have signs on their door that masks are required......well, no one is policing it as people are in the stores without sad they don't have enough respect for others and even sadder they are not kept from shopping without one! Sammi is holding.....we are at 4 units insulin twice a day and waiting for his test results from the special lab......🤞🤞

sewtired by sewtired 24d ago

Still keeping him my cat prayers. My Sam sends his regards.

by sonjapotgieter 25d ago

Wow!!!That is Stuning!!Well done..Beautiful deign

by toogie 25d ago

I LOVE the lioness and your work must be so rewarding when you get a finish like this. Our school mascot is a panther. I wonder if it would look like a panther stitched in black.
I believe in wearing and wear a mask, but I also rarely get out. I have been groceries shopping 3 times since March. That is all I get out for. I have my crafts to keep me busy and I am thankful I have that.

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basketkase by basketkase 25d ago

Amen to that Toogie....I only go to doctor appointment and grocery shopping too, although Jim has had to do it since my surgery as I can't wear a mask over my nose for a month....I think the lioness could be converted to a panther goo, just by changing colors to black and using charcoal for high lights and changing the eye from black to gold.....