by pennyhal2 02 Jul 2020

A post got be thinking. Just how many sewing machines does everybody currently has in their house. I have 8 and only actually use 5 of them.But, the gal at the shop has 32! She has them all set up in her garage. My brothers make fun of me.

How many do you have and actually use?


by peafarm 07 Jul 2020

Well sorry but my conversation of how many machines I clicked on New Thread so must be in the CHAT category. I clicked on the wrong thing to type. If anyone is interested you can read it there. I get long winded sometimes. Sorry again.

rescuer by rescuer 07 Jul 2020

Comment from peafarm:
At this current time I have 8 machines. Singer Serger bought late 70's/80's-Singer store would not help me learn even though I offered to pay because I didn't buy from them but rather, husband bought me from big box warehouse--well I did learn myself. Then a Kenmore bought top of line in the 80's from Sears that I do most general sewing on today. A quilt I am working on is under the needle right now and is a workhorse. I have bought many extra's for that. Mid to late 90's bought Husqvarna #1+ with all the Professional Software--never learned to use anything much except the Customizer and Reader/Writer, which I still use and the decorative stitches cards that came with the machine and purchased all the others plus extra feet and such-plenty of books. Bought myself the Husqvarna 910 Serger and use that today, Love it and 4 threads is plenty for me. Bought Babylock Ellisimo Gold-I got the first one that came out in my area-which is giving me fits right now-may soon go to dealer tech for checking--I ck./clean all my machines but seems one of the top 2 tension discs are giving me the problems with the upper threads breaking--they tighten up until I catch it and tug on thread or the thread is pulled so tight is shreds and ruins my embroidery. I then I bought the Babylock Flourish [my husband doesn't know I have this upstairs] it is embroidery only. I have the little Babylock 9 beginner machine I bought my mom for Christmas when she was 88 y/o. She could not get used to it as she only had very old in cabinet machines. When she died at 90 y/o I got that back and then my oldest Granddaughter gave me her Brother Project Runway--she is a Nurse Practitioner, married with 2 little girls and their free time is going out to parks hiking, creeks, play parks etc--None of the girls in my family want to sew---2 could but they can buy everything they want. Does that make 8, I lost count. Oh wait, I have a cheaper Singer my brother gave my mom after I gave her the Babylock 9--it was new in the box, his wife never used. It worked fine when I set everything up for mom but she was trying to make thick pot holders out of old scrap fabrics and got it out of timing first thing. It is sitting in the box in my dining room. I am sure it is the timing but until I learn to fix it myself it is not worth service costs.

rescuer by rescuer 07 Jul 2020

Posts that are orphaned often get lost. I have added a copy of your post here. The other will be removed.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 15 Jul 2020

I would never have thought to buy a sewing machine for someone 88yo, but I'm sure she enjoyed it. It was kind of you to think of her and what she'd love to have.

by dailylaundry 07 Jul 2020

Love this question! I have a Babylock Ellisimo Gold, an old Brother 4500D, which I bought used, a Brother Innovis 1500D (a workhouse without all the bells and whistles!), a sewing machine and a serger. That is 5. My goal one day is to own a multi needle machine - I would gladly give up 2 of my other machines for that. But, my Hubby, who is so very supportive of my stitching - makes fun of all my machines - so, I hesitate discussing a multi needle machine with him. Hope that makes sense. Great question!!

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 07 Jul 2020

My brothers make fun of my machines too...but then I ask them how manysets of golf clubs do they have!

by jofrog2000 07 Jul 2020

I have a Singer 66 that I learned to sew on from my Mom-found out that it had been given to her by my Godmother. She needs to someday be seen to, and I'd have to relearn how to use her. Made clothes-even my wedding dress.
I have a Singer Athena 200-my first computerized machine.That's in a great cabinet, which is what my Babylock Ellegante sits on.
Then a school model Singer that does great on thick things like denim hems, and a Brother SE270 that I was gifted a while back. The embroidery part doesn't work, but I use her for quilt piecing and all other sewing.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 07 Jul 2020

That Singer 66 is a treasure for you!

by airyfairy 07 Jul 2020

I have my embroidery machine, my sewing machine and an overlocker.

by marianb 04 Jul 2020

I have 9 assorted machines from (Bernie)longarm to Antique Singer

by lbrow 03 Jul 2020

I have 3 but mostly use only 2. Have had as many as 5 in the past but at my age 2 is plenty. 1sewing - Babylock and 1 Embroidery - Babylock.

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lbrow by lbrow 03 Jul 2020

The 3d is a Babylock serger.

by joannethesewinglady 03 Jul 2020

Wow, I don't feel so bad about my machines. I teach sewing at a secondary school (General Interest) and how does 12 machines sound. We actually bought this house because it had the space to make my sewing studio. My DH claims I won't leave it for anything - not even vacations!! (kind of true - it's my happy place). My nanna taught me on her treadle. I have one on display in my entry hallway. There are 2 Brother sewing/embroidery machines, then there are 2 regular Brother Sewing machine - one I use for teaching and my DH uses for sewing. Use to have more machines, just gave away a Brother which had it's own table that I had purchased from Sears years ago. I still have my Janome almost 45 years old. There's an Elna - my baby for regular sewing. There's the overlocks, Janome, Brother, Elna and the latest that my hubby purchased - the Babylock 8 thread Triumph. I'm looking to add a Pfaff Creative Icon after "THIS" era is over to my collection. Yes, they all get used except the treadle. You can say I have sewing in my blood. I do have a friend who has set up a sewing machine museum in her basement - since she's stop sewing. No it's not a sickness to have that many machines. We use to have more, but when we find a willing new sewer in my classes, we donate a machine. It feels good to do so.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 03 Jul 2020

We actually added on to my house so I could have very large sewing room. It has it's own bathroom, tv, walk-in closet, a bed, a ironing board, plus a large cutting table and two sewing tables. It is upstairs and downstairs my husband has a computer room/his stuff.

airyfairy by airyfairy 07 Jul 2020

I so envy you ladies having a sewing room.

by 02kar Moderator 03 Jul 2020

I have 3, a 19 needle, a sewing/embroidery machine and an 8 thread serger that is both chain and overlock. All get used. Oh and i have a treadle machine in storage in case we lose power.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 03 Jul 2020

It's good to be prepared!

by asterixsew Moderator 03 Jul 2020

What a great question. I have 2 embroidery - Galaxie3000 and a PR 650 both Brother machines. My Bernina which I have had for 40 plus years and a small Elna Lotus and a overlock machine, and they are all used. The Elna is used least often and currently my Bernina is being serviced

by shirley124 02 Jul 2020

I have 8. (2 are collectable ones, 1 is a felting machine that came free with my 11000 Janome) I don't use these. 2 Overlockers ! is a hand me down from my daughter, I may use these from time to time but not as much as I used to. Janome 11000 and 15000 and a small Janome.

by graceandham 02 Jul 2020

2 sewing, 2 embroidery, and 1 serger. That's 5.

by Janus48 02 Jul 2020

I have an old Singer Treadle from around 1932. Then I have a 1948 (my year!!) Singer Featherweight. I have 4 Kenmores all the same model, one that is always in use, one spare and two for parts. And I have a Viking Diamond for embroidery only. And four sergers - only two that I use and two I need to check out and give to family and a friend. So seven for sewing and four sergers. I have had others but gave them away.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 03 Jul 2020

Oh! I yearn for a Treadle!

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Jul 2020

I have 3 and use all of them depending on my project. When I am sewing quilts I often let the embroidery machine stitch out a FSL. I have a small portable sewing machine that comes with me to meetings with my quilting friends. The gal at the shop must be a collector. I would have to move my car out of the garage to store 32 machines.

Oops I have to add one more. My first little brother machine with only 4x4 frame. Used her for a long time as my portable sewing machine but the tension is all messed up.

maleah by maleah 02 Jul 2020

I have 6 but 2 are antiques. Hubby just bought me a Husqvarna Viking Topaz 50

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 03 Jul 2020

I used to have 3, but they multiplied when I wasn't looking.