by stork 29 Jun 2020

My Diamond's screen went blank on me while doing a design on Wednesday. She is currently residing at the repair shop. So hope it can be fixed and not too costly.


by asterixsew Moderator 29 Jun 2020

Ah I feel your pain. Hope the cost isn’t exorbitant. My Bernina sewing machine has been off for TLC for a couple of weeks and is missed. Have fun when your baby comes home

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stork by stork 01 Jul 2020

Praying it gets done soon so I can get caught up!

by sewdeb 29 Jun 2020

Oh, dear! My diamond did that once - when it was still under warranty, but I know how scary it can be! I hope it will be an easy fix and they can actually fix it. Praying for a good "diagnosis".

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stork by stork 01 Jul 2020

Mine is no longer under warranty but hoping it won't take much to repair.

by crafter2243 Moderator 29 Jun 2020

How frustrating. This usually happens when one is in the middle of an important project. I hope you get your baby back real soon.

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stork by stork 01 Jul 2020

Very frustrating but more worried about the expense......