by basketkase 21d ago

Been busy getting ready for my surgery next week, so many doc appts...ugh! Anyway, I am starting a new series called Living Doll and this is #1-#4.....I am doing each one in 2 different flesh tones so you can choose which one you need.....these will be up on my website tonight......


by pennyhal2 20d ago

Cute gals! Reminds me of the people on the farm who always seemed to have one side of their jeans that had an undone strap. Can't go anywhere without our iphones! A little reminder of a long time ago and an image from today!

by sonjapotgieter 20d ago

Good looking Gals!!!Great designs!!!

by graceandham 21d ago

Yay! Surgery week and then no more nose strips! Still praying with you for great results. You've been so patient.

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basketkase by basketkase 21d ago

Yippee....I have 2 breathe rite strips left.....not buying anymore!

by 1961nancy 21d ago

WOW. These look great.

by pennifold 21d ago

Hope they sell well. Cute little figures on them. Love Chris