by babash 16 Jun 2020

I am just so excited I have to tell someone.

My order for Kam Snaps has just arrived. Big deal you think well it is as it was posted in America on the 11th April. Today it arrived in Queensland Australia.
I contacted the lady from Kam Judy a month ago 20th May and she advised waiting a bit longer. I was assured if my parcel didn't arrive I would not be losing any money so agreed to wait. What a happy outcome.
So I guess anyone else who is waiting on overseas parcels just be patient.
Can't stop doing the Happy Dance.


by mranderson 17 Jun 2020

Have fun, keep dancing. LOL. Hugs

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babash by babash 18 Jun 2020

Ha Ha Ha so funny I wish I was that limble.

by shirley124 17 Jun 2020

Happy that you finally got your snaps. Enjoy. I bought mine from Snaps Australia. Have had them and the press for quite some time. Have only got to trying it out last week. i put snaps on a couple of book covers I made. Hugs

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babash by babash 18 Jun 2020

I am sure you will use them for so many other projects as they are so easy to use.
I even used them on a Towel topper instead of buttons.

by dailylaundry 17 Jun 2020

Great for you, Barbara!! Judy from Kam Snaps has always been so helpful to me! Can't wait to see what you make!! Hugs!

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babash by babash 17 Jun 2020

I have bought from them before and knew they are a good site to buy from so wasn't worried about them not sending order.

by 02kar Moderator 17 Jun 2020

Hurray for you and being so very patient. That is a very long wait. Now stop dancing and have fun using those pretty little snaps.

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babash by babash 17 Jun 2020

Yes it was a long wait. Thought for sure it might have been on a container ship that lost some of it's load into the ocean.

by dragonflyer 17 Jun 2020

Well that is great news, Barbara....don't pull a muscle doing that happy dance!

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babash by babash 17 Jun 2020

Thank you. Too old to do it for long. LOL

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jun 2020

It’s lovely when a long awaited parcel arrives. Our post office is so busy at the moment with goods being bought and sold via the internet. Enjoy your new purchase

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babash by babash 17 Jun 2020

Thank you

by killiecrankie 17 Jun 2020

Hope you are going to quarantine it.You don't know where it has been & the Queensland Premier won't open the borders to NSW which has only one case of covid which hasn't come from overseas travellers which are confined in quarantine hotels.
Our mail is taking about 3 times as long as normal.
Happy snapping.

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babash by babash 17 Jun 2020

It had been opened by Customs and inspected. Has been in Australia for more than 10days.
Anyway it has all had a good spray with Glen20

by pennifold 17 Jun 2020

Hi Barbara, why didn't you order them from here in Australia? I got all of mine from the company Snaps Australia, down here at Nelson Bay. Came within days! Love Chris

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babash by babash 17 Jun 2020

I bought them from America because the price was so much better even with freight costs.
$55 aust for 45 different colour sets of 20.
I bought my press and starter sets from Aust.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Jun 2020

Enjoy your purchase. I love mine. Do not get dizzy doing the Happy Dance.

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babash by babash 17 Jun 2020

Just put them all away