by dragonflyer 23d ago

My newest top zip bag...Wanted something with I digitized this one with a double opening quilted pocket on the front and a nice deep quilted pocket on the back. All done totally ITH except a very small opening in the lining after turning... fully lined, no raw seams exposed. Then decided to add a Kam Snap to the back pocket for security... Thanks for looking, Cuties.


by airyfairy 8d ago

Lovely Kim and so useful. Also love the materials you have used.

by bead 13d ago

So you have a site where you sell your designs?

by peafarm 20d ago

Oh My Gosh!! Need I say more---Yes---love the fabric, love the stylizing. I could go on and on. It is perfection.

by gwillmann 20d ago

Beautiful bag. You always digitize such clever designs.

by catlyn edited 20d ago

I love this bag, I would love to get the pattern in the different sizes. Is it for purchase somewhere. If not, have you thought of submitting it to a site for sale.

by blueeyedblonde 21d ago

Great looking bag! Nice job!

by sebsews 21d ago

Adorable! I want to thank you for helping so many Cuties! We are lucky to have you on Cute!

by crazypatchmama 22d ago

Lovely bag design, as usual you did a great job Kim. Your choice of fabric color is one of my favorite. Hugs, Mary

by sewtired 22d ago

Very nice design!

by sonjapotgieter 22d ago

Stunning Bag..Well done..Looks Greats

by dailylaundry 22d ago

Very pretty bag!! Love the colors too!!

by sewpam 22d ago

What a great bag!! There can never be too many pockets.

by cj2sew 22d ago

Love your bag and that you added extra pockets. Fabrics colors are my favorite. I use blue & yellow everywhere I can.

by jenne 22d ago

neat looking.

by lilylady 22d ago

Looks very nice. Love the quilted front pocket.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22d ago

Thank you, Sandy...

by pennifold 23d ago

You clever clogs Kim. This is such a great purse/bag. I love the double pocketed front and the kam snap for keeping things closed. You are one smart cookie. Can I ask how big this is? Love Chris

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22d ago

Thanks, Chris... this one is about 6.5" tall by 8" wide... but I have digitized it for a few sizes including 8x8, 8x12, 8x14.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 22d ago

Darn, too big for a 5x7 hoop. But it is very nice and super useful.

sewtired by sewtired 22d ago

Yeah, my largest is 6x10

by shirley124 23d ago

Lovely bag. Hugs

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22d ago

Thanks, Shirley...

by stork 23d ago

Great looking bag. Love your fabrics and the allover quilting pattern works great!!! I like the addition of the kam snap for security. Tonya

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22d ago

Thank you, Tonya...

by toogie 23d ago

Looks good Kim. The style kinda matches or reminds me of a purse I once made.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22d ago

Not have made so many!

toogie by toogie 11d ago


by crafter2243 Moderator edited 23d ago

Great job as always. I hope you did this for yourself. It is super to have more pockets.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 23d ago

Thanks, Angie... it was my test stitch out, so it's for me... boo-boo's and all...Next one will be much better!