by pennyhal2 12 Jun 2020

My puppy, Goldilocks, destroys the backing of Teddybear's and Gummybear' beds. I didn't notice when I bought the beds that the backing was not durable. It was just some thin paper like fabric that tears easily. I want to recover the backing so that the beds are useable. These are fat fleece beds, so I'm thinking about just using hot glue gun and try to glue some sort of durable fabric like vynal maybe onto the back side. I've never worked with vynal so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion or possible pitfalls in doing this?


by sdrise 13 Jun 2020

I would use muslin and just staple it on with a stable gun. They Usually use a thin paper sort of stabilizer material in the first place. Good luck

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 15 Jun 2020

Muslin may not be strong enough, but maybe some canvas.

by bemara 13 Jun 2020

I have sewn a dog bed from jeans, the ground was from vinyl, inside cover to wash . . .
You becomes good toys in the specialist shop, especially for puppies teeth,
as long as the small dog teeth agrees he will bite everything broken... and more favourably than a veterinarian visit . . good luck !

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 13 Jun 2020

I never thought of jeans fabric. Sounds like it would work well if I can get it attached to the bed!

by mrskiki 13 Jun 2020

I am not a fan of hot glue. Don't think it would hold together very well or long. I would use a strong glue that bonds fabric. Vinyl does not fray so can't you sew around the edges? That would be the best solution. Hug. Nan

by dailylaundry 12 Jun 2020

I think your idea of using a hot glue gun is a good one. Vinyl should be fine, I would guess just not to go overboard on the hot glue so nothing melts. Good luck!! Puppies are puppies!!!