by basketkase 06 Jun 2020

Haven't been here in a bit.....I started taking in some embroidery work.....trying to get enough for Sammi's vet bill😿.....we are having a tough time getting his sugar down....we are increasing his dose tonight per Andi....his sugar was 450 about 4 hours after his we continue to try to get the dose right......pray we get there soon, poor guy is not very happy right now.....


by sharonleekesner 29d ago

We certainly do face a lot of challenges in our lives, but know others care and prayers are being said. Caring is sharing.

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basketkase by basketkase 29d ago

Thank you.......we do have a lot to be thankful for and we are certainly blessed...

by noah 08 Jun 2020

Ah dear Lord please touch this dear ladies animal. When they hurt we hurt . Please, Lord, help him Amen

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basketkase by basketkase 29d ago

Oh, Carolyn......thank you for the loving prayer!! Brought tears to my eyes!

by lbrow 08 Jun 2020

Hope you get it stabilized soon Vicki!

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basketkase by basketkase 29d ago

Thanks, not a quitter, that is for sure!

by sewtired 07 Jun 2020

So sorry to hear things aren't going so well. I believe there are some websites that you may be able to reach out to to get help with the vet bills. I'm expecting a large vet bill soon. On the 10th we will be trying to take in 5 kittens that a feral cat (that we have been feeding) has brought to our back deck to get a wellness check and maybe some vaccinations. The next week we need to try to trap her and get her in to be spayed. I'm going to ask if they have a group discount. Good luck with Sammy. Our Sam is not happy about our new dependents. He is immune compromised, so we haven't been able to let them in.

basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

Awww....bless your heart...we have a TNR program here supported by PAWS and sometimes it is $5 for each and sometimes free.....check with your local rescue groups and see what is available to you.....

sewtired by sewtired 08 Jun 2020

Thanks, my main concern is being able to grab them all and get them in. Hope things are going better with Sammi.

by bemara 07 Jun 2020

I hope that you can fix the sugar values, poor Sammi. My veterinarian's calculations bring me also around the sleep, unfortunately, my new cat is very ill, unfortunately, I understand you too well, hugs Maria

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basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

I know, this may be why so many people surrender their pets to humane society as they can't afford their is a shame and don't know what the answer is😿

by dragonflyer 07 Jun 2020

Poor Sammi...hope all gets better soon...

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basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

Thanks, Kim

by gramsbear 07 Jun 2020

So So Sorry for Sammi and you both!... Will be Praying to the Mighty Dr. for youns!...Hugs, Judy...

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basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

Thank you, Judy!

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Jun 2020

Well I don’t know what vets bills are like with you but there high in the UK. I’m sure that all will settle down with Sammi and you will become less stressed and that Sammi feels better. Obviously a trying time for you and him. Take care and good luck

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basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

Thank is out of control was almost $600 to diagnose diabetes.....not including meds.....I will do whatever I have to for him and go without myself!

by dailylaundry 07 Jun 2020

Poor Sammi - I so hope you are able to regulate his dosage so you are able to his sugar numbers come down!! Please set us know how he is doing - prayers and hugs, Laura

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basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

Thanks, Laura....he is such a precious boy.....

by sdrise 07 Jun 2020

I Know you will get there. I have a god friend who is going through the same thing with her Jasper. Jasper was one of my babies a few years ago. It has taken a while for her to get the right dose. Jasper is finally doing better. Hang in there. I am praying for you both... HUGS

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basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

Omg, thank you Suzanne.....I really needed to hear this.....we don't know anyone else with a diabetic cat, and Andi has not dealt with one either, so we feel so unsupported.....we were instructed to increase his dose a smidgen from 2 units to 2.25 units.....we started that on Saturday so hope to see a bit of improvement soon....I don't know if his IBS is a contributing factor either.....ugh! Right now we are giving him 12 mg of cerenia every other day and that is keeping his vomiting and diarrhea under control......he hasn't had an IBS episode since this protocol.....whes!

by 02kar Moderator 07 Jun 2020

And mama isn't to happy about Sammi's condition right now. I'm so sorry Sammi is having such a tough time. My prayers are going up for you and Sammi.

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basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

Thanks so much, Karen....

by pennifold 07 Jun 2020

Oh! dear Vicki, I do hope that the treatment works for Sammi. Don't overdo your work too much, love Chris

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basketkase by basketkase 08 Jun 2020

No, I won't......have to keep my wits about me to help him through this.....

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Jun 2020

Poor baby. I am so sorry he is having such a hard time. Hope you can figure it out soon.