by 4evertwa 05 Jun 2020

I've recently acquired a used BL Ellisimo embroidery machine and have so much to learn. There were a few extra items that came with the machine but a bit confused on the type of bobbins I should use to have the best results for projects. There's so much experience here, wondering what would be the best recommendation to purchase for my machine? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.


by airyfairy 23 Jul 2020

About 10 years ago I purchased a second hand embroidery machine. It came with no instructions. It only had built in designs and a slot for cards - which I didn’t have. I found myself on this site. Asking many questions here I managed to teach myself. After a couple of years my dear machine broke and was unable to be fixed. I traded it in and bought a new machine.
I have learnt so much here with the help of some amazing women.
I only use prewound bobbins as my machine seems to like them. I also seem to be able to use any thread.
Just ask away. There is always someone who can help.

by 02kar Moderator 12 Jul 2020

Congrats on your new Baby. All my machines are Babylocks and I have never had an issue with them. I use Madiera thread and have done well. I think these machines are very forgiving and so user friendly. My youngest is now 11 and going strong (my Elissimo). The Class A bobbins are reusable so easy to do any project whether sewing or embroidery to match the thread color. Great for Free Standing Lace. And you can purchase already wound bobbins too which work well. Just be sure to keep the 2 thread types separate. It's easy to tell if you do mix up the bobbins. The bobbins wound with embroidery thread will feel thinner. Sewing thread is thicker. Pre-wound bobbins are NOT reusable. Have a wonderful time and be sure to show off your test results and projects for us to admire.

by graceandham 10 Jul 2020

Google around - I think there is a support blog for Ellisimo where real stitchers talk about their experiences with the machines, give tips, etc.

by Equinox 10 Jul 2020

I love my Ellisimo Gold!! It will do almost everything the Destiny II will (I have one of those also). You do need Class A bobbins- NOT L.

by sdrise 06 Jun 2020

I love my bablocks... I use magna tech size L pre wound bobbins from The magnet keeps the bobbin from spinning out when your thread comes near the end. Less Birds nests in your embroidery.
Thread is either Robison Anton or Isocord these work well in the machine less dust that forms in the bobbin case... I also use Poly thread I found over the years that Rayon fades with washing and poly keeps heir bright colors even with bleaching...
The baby lock is user friendly just play with it and have fun...
Congratulations on your new toy... you are going to love it too. ...

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4evertwa by 4evertwa 06 Jun 2020

I can see where there is a learning curve re:threads. Not all threads are created equally especially when it comes to dust and birds nests. The birds nest is the one thing I did find out in a class that is the nightmare for any project which boils down to your thread choice. Thanks for your great expertise!

by dragonflyer 05 Jun 2020

I love my Baby Lock Ellisimo and I have had it for over 10 years. I use Metro Class 15A prewound plastic bobbins from Metro Embroidery. I also use their threads and stabilizers. I buy their 5000m cones and have the in every color. I fill in colors with their 1000m cones. I have used their threads and bobbins ever since I have had my Ellisimo and have never had a problem. I have also used their tear away, cut-away and water soluble stabilizers. I have experienced no problems with anything I have purchased from them...and I feel their costs are extremely low compared to other suppliers I have tried. Congratulations on your new "Baby"....Does it have all of the upgrades installed on it? Here is the link to the Metro Embroidery site...

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4evertwa by 4evertwa 05 Jun 2020

It's a fabulous machine and had my eye on one for quite some time and when this one came available, too good to pass up. It does have upgrades #1 & #2 which I'm still learning. Appreciate the link for purchases. Nice to see you have kept your BL for over 10 yrs. A class I went to a couple of years had ladies that were upgrading to the newest & latest BL's and I felt so intimidated when they asked which one I had. Wasn't in their league ($$$$'s) so I just skirted around their question. All I could think of was how they afforded to keep trading up.

by sewpam 05 Jun 2020

I have a Baby Lock Aventura and use Fil-Tec clear-glide15 pre-wound bobbins that was purchased from the dealer when the machine was purchased. I have also used Sulky Pre-wound style A. Both brands have worked very good for my machine. I also read, perhaps in the manual, to use plastic sided bobbins not the carboard bobbins. Have fun with your machine.

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4evertwa by 4evertwa 05 Jun 2020

Thank you for the great info. Your experience with different bobbin choices will help now for ordering!

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Jun 2020

You would need size A bobbins. If you did not get a manual you can download it for free. I hope this is what you were asking for. I love my Elissimo.

4evertwa by 4evertwa 05 Jun 2020

No manual. Would you consider all pre-wound bobbins to be the same or some better than others?

crafter2243 by crafter2243 05 Jun 2020

So far I have used only the prewound bobbins from My machine also likes their thread and I love the price.

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 05 Jun 2020

I use metro as well - love them (and the thread)