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by anitapatch ( edited 03 Jun 2020 ) 02 Jun 2020

Made cuchions for my sister and brother. And placemat to my very old father 94 years old. I printed on my homeprinter on fabric. Used writing recepies, written by my mother and father. My mother passed away more than 20 years ago. Some photos of mother and father when they were Young and a photo of my brother as a child. The painting of the baby, was made by our mother allways thought that it was our brother , but don´t know, no one left to ask. Dad don´t remember. In USA you can buy spray for fabric so you can wash them after printing, but theyt don´t sell outside USA, That is a pity. I have used a spray but it is not waterproof. ont the placemat for my father I have used a plasticgel, so he can wipe it of with a wet towel. The back of the placemat I made with some curves. Using the tecnic on this website. Please roll down for instructions. It is easy sewing curves


by mary51 05 Jun 2020

Beautiful I love it.

by pennyhal2 05 Jun 2020

What an amazing keepsake! I know how time consuming printing on fabric can be, but your results are certainly worth all your efforts! Well done!

by sewpam 04 Jun 2020

These are very special. Great idea.

by cj2sew 03 Jun 2020

I especially love the placemat idea. Pictures help to bring back the memories. I hope you will not mind if I use your idea.

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anitapatch by anitapatch 04 Jun 2020

No I don´t mind. You can use my idea

by lhart 03 Jun 2020

AWESOME!!! I love the placemat idea, such a nice way to start each day...remembering your family. You did a fantastic job on the pillows as well. What a lucky family you have, they are going to love them.

by pennifold 03 Jun 2020

This is totally awesome, your Sister, Brother and Dad will love these. Love Chris

by tuross 02 Jun 2020

Just lovely, I bet your father will treasure his.

by toogie 02 Jun 2020

These are excellent! What a beautiful memory keepsake. My favorite are the top two but your idea of a placemat is genius! Your dad can have coffee every morning and eats his meals everyday with his lovely bride. Five star ⭐️ Job!

by hoplessnz 02 Jun 2020

Wow I love you technique I am sure the will be treasured for a long time .. i have never printed on fabric using inks it scares me a bit . Must look up some tutorials before some of my treasures cant be used as they are getting fragile.

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anitapatch by anitapatch edited 03 Jun 2020

I have sent you a message

by sewdoctor 02 Jun 2020

Love them all....will bring joy for many years to come.

by dailylaundry 02 Jun 2020

What a super idea!! These are wonderful - so thoughtful and so very personal!!! Love it!

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Jun 2020

Sprinkled with memories. Well done.

by mrskiki 02 Jun 2020

Beautiful work. Had not thought of a placemat. Great idea. Hugs. Nan

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Jun 2020

What fantastic work. I love that you have used family photos for this and made something totally unique. Thanks for the idea and one added to my large list of 'things to make'