by rescuer Moderator 31 May 2020

BLUPRINT (formerly Craftsy) IS CLOSING. Today is the last day you can make purchases. They say there will be time to download all your patterns. What they don't say is how you will be able to keep your "Forever" purchases -- like classes.


by mad14kt 31 May 2020

Thanks for the reminder!!! I was so sadden to receive their email. I have always been caution about a "forever plan" of anything. I can remember when I started off with them under Craftsy. I think I have all my downloads ... FIESTA ;D

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by crafter2243 Moderator edited 31 May 2020

I received the notice from them 2 days ago. I always had downloaded the patterns right away. Maybe I am too suspicious and figuring that they are really save in my computer. Hopefully they will follow through with their plan to let one download the paid for classes from Craftsy. They said that they are working on that.

by toogie 31 May 2020

I finished downloading all my patterns yesterday. I wonder if it will become something else since it went from Craftsy to Blueprint....

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DorrieB by DorrieB 09 Jun 2020

No. As I understand it Blueprint is closing completely.
Unsustainable they said. Owned by huge conglomerate NBC I have over 50 classes!!!!!!!!!! Errrrr

by asterixsew Moderator 31 May 2020

Thanks for that.