by graceandham 25 May 2020

Happy Memorial Day. I hope you have military service people to remember, but if not, today I am remembering one particular soldier, our junior high coach, Clebe McClary. He served in Vietnam and lost an arm and an eye. He returned home and coached and could do more hand clapping pushups than his students - a favorite challenge of his to students. Clebe ran a tough gym. Any one who could do 1000 situps got an automatic A. He decided one day that the school needed a track and that afternoon, before, uh, permissions had quite been guaranteed, circled a tractor around in the back yard of the school and began building that track oval. An awesome leader who couldn't take no for an answer. To read and hear more, follow his link. Perhaps some of you have heard him speak.


by lbrow 26 May 2020

A great heroic vet!