by pennifold 24 May 2020

Hi Cuties, it was Trev’s 70th birthday today and we had all the family here from breakfast through till late afternoon.

The kids gave Trev a Hot Air Balloon ride up in the Hunter valley when things are back to normal, plus some Rebel gift vouchers. We got funny cards from the grandchildren and beautiful touching cards from our 3.
Amy, Steve and girls, Mum, Dana and kids got here at 9.30. Ben and Mia arrived a bit later and surprised Trev as we weren’t expecting Ben till after midday. They left about 11.00. About 12.30 the girls and families left. Then Ben returned with the 3 boys and had lunch.
Unfortunately due to the Family court restrictions Trev and I are the only family members allowed to see the boys. It’s s long story!!!
Once Ben and the boys left Trev and I had a 2 and a half hour ‘Zoom’ meeting with all our friends from Adelaide. These people were our core group of friends from Trev’s football days.
I’m now sitting down relaxing in my recliner tired but happy. Trev said he had a fantastic day. And that’s what it’s all about. Love Chris
1. Steve, Amy and family and us
2. Dana, Ryke, Jasana (13 tomorrow) and Aqualina & is
3. Ben, Mia and is
4. Mum with us
5. Trev, me and our 3
6. Ben and Cooper, Chase and Cohen having lunch. We had Balmain Bugs, Sushi and Sashimi along with Party pies and sausage rolls for those that didn’t eat seafood. Then Apple slice and ice cream
7. The 5 Pennifold men!!


by mariagiannina 31 May 2020

Love your family photos Chris!
Birthday greetings to Trev, I'm catching up to him!

by airyfairy 29 May 2020

I love your pictures. Feeling so jealous that you can have your family with you. We are still under strict lockdown. Masks have to be worn outside the home. On Monday we go to level 3 which means we can meet friends but only outside. We can now buy alcohol but cigarettes are still banned. Just do not know when I will see my daughters but we have family Zoom times.
Please wish Trevor a very happy belated birthday from me.

by jrob Moderator 27 May 2020

What a lovely celebration for your handsome Trev! He is simply beaming in the photos. You've a beautiful family and it's wonderful that you got to celebrate together.

by sebsews 27 May 2020

Great family pictures! Happy birthday Trev, you are a young 70!

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 May 2020

Happy Birthday Trevor. Looks like you had a great day with all the family.

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pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

Thanks Angie, yes, he said he had an awesome day. Love Chris

by shirley124 24 May 2020

Lovely photos to treasure. Looks like Trevor had a great birthday. Your Grand Children are growing up fast. Enjoy the Hot Air Balloon ride when you are able to go. Hugs

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pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

Thanks Shirley, yes he had a fabulous day. And yes, the grandchildren are growing up so fast. Jasana is 13 today and is as tall as me already!!!!!!!! Love Chris

by toogie 24 May 2020

As always, beautiful family pictures! Happy Birthday Trevor!
I am so happy for your family, to be able to get together and celebrate the love they all share, for their dad and you, on his special day.

Today my son is cooking. All the rest of our immediate family and our DIL's family are getting together, for our grandson's graduation party, from nursing school. I told my son his dad and I can't attend because of risk from Covid 19 we are not socializing. Too many people. I worry about them, but young ones have a different perspective that I can't understand. Sadly, young children and people their age too are getting it. Our SIL especially think we shouldn't feel like we do, staying away, but we are listening to our governor, about our ages and auto-immunity. When I get sick, it's hard to get well. We are in Phase 1 but still numbers have risen.....Ashley still can't see Avery, until numbers are better and we are into Phase 3.

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pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

Thanks Toogie, it was such an awesome day, cold but enjoyable. We just had the heaters on in the house. Mum feels the cold really badly these days and Jasana (13 today) is a real cold frog too!
I've been watching the USA and Europe's Coronavirus happenings and let's pray you can come out of lockdown soon. Australia now has 102 deaths out of nearly 25 million people. We have been very fortunate and the fact that we are an Island helps tremendously. Love Chris

by cfidl 24 May 2020

What a great time! Happy bday! Thanks for sharing your family.

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pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

Thanks Chris, yes, it was great having them all here throughout the day. Love Chirs

by dailylaundry 24 May 2020

Great pictures for a wonderful birthday!!! You and your hubby are so lucky to be able to get together! One thing about this sickness - makes you count your blessings!! Tell your hubby Happy Birthday - wow, your son Ben looks just like him!! Hugs, Laura

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pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

I agree Laura, and yes Ben has the Pennifold genes!!!!! I think little Cohen the one in the front of the Pennifold men is going to have a high forehead lol!! Love Chris

by basketkase 24 May 2020

Such a beautiful and happy family.......these pics bring a welcomed smile to my face.......thank you for sharing........and happy belated BD to Trev...

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pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

Thanks Vicki, it brings joy to my heart too! Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 24 May 2020

What a wonderful day for you all! A very happy belated birthday to Trev. I'm glad you were able to have such a great reunion with so many family members. I know too many folks around this world are still quarantined. You've had a day filled with treasured memories. I hope soon all of the world can resume family and friends reunions.

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pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

Thanks Karen, yes, we are very lucky to have the family together. Albeit in two different sittings. Love Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 24 May 2020

A belated Happy Birthday to your husband Trev. Sounds and looks as if you had a brilliant time celebrating. The pictures are a great reminder of a great day. Are you off on the balloon ride too?
( Were still in lockdown so family celebrations are on hold for me and family)

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pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

We all had a brilliant day Yes, I'm going on the balloon ride too once it's back open. It's up in the Hunter Valley only an hour away. Love Chris

by sdrise 24 May 2020

Happy Birthday!!! What a beautiful day you had Trev and Chris...Wonderful pictures as always... mum looks great Thank you for sharing... HUGS

pennifold by pennifold 24 May 2020

Thanks so much, and today its pouring rain! Love Chris

minirose by minirose 25 May 2020

Happy birthday Trevor. What a beautiful family is yours!