by ethan 11d ago

Thank you all for your Birthday wishes, I had a lovely day although under lock down at a farm 80 km north of Cairo in Egypt. Hubby had organised with friends in Cairo for a takeaway of Burritos with full instructions for him on how to serve them, Our friend also made a cake and supplied candles, balloons etc. This was all a surprise. In the evening we had a zoom call with our children, sons one in Saudi Arabia, one in Spain. Daughters, one in Belgium and one in Ireland. So it was a lovely day.


by cfidl 9d ago

Wonderful! You must have a fabulous picture album from all those places.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11d ago

Wow your family is spread all over the world. Burritos in the middle of Ramadan and delicious middle-eastern food had to mean something special. Glad you had a enjoyable birthday.

by 02kar Moderator 11d ago

That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. Zoom and others like it has been a boon during this difficult time.

by graceandham 11d ago

Burritos in Cairo. Sounds like a book title. Hope it was as fun as it sounds.

by sewdeb 11d ago

Wow! You had the folks all over the world celebrating! Sounds fantastic! And I'm still trying to get my mind around burritos in Cairo, Egypt when I can't get any in NY! LOL!

by marianb 11d ago

Sounds like the perfect Birthday.