by sewmom 14d ago

I'm looking for a design that says, "I do all my own stunts" with a man falling down. Needs to be around 3-4 inches. Has anyone seen one somewhere? TIA!


by AuntAnnie 11d ago

Thelander Designs is offering one for only $1.00 through May 25. Appears numerous sizes are included.;mc_eid=4bae637c0b

by sewdeb 14d ago

Urban Threads has an I do All My own stunts design. The Link is below. I'v e also sent you a PM with another option,

sewmom by sewmom 14d ago

Thank you. Did see that one, it’s a little large but I might be able to work with it. I don’t particularly want the cape.

sewdeb by sewdeb 13d ago

Yeah, I didn't like the cape, either.

mrskiki by mrskiki 13d ago

You can easily remove the cape in software. Or just don't stitch that color out. Resizing can be done easily too as long as you change the stitch count as well. Hugs. Nan