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by toogie ( edited 14 May 2020 ) 14 May 2020

Hello Cuties! I sent this email to a friend earlier and thought I’d share with all of you too.

I have been so busy this week has flown by. Yesterday I hoed about 48 feet. The reason I know, that is the length of my front porch!😉
Today I helped my husband after lunch. We needed to clean AC coils inside our inside unit. Took a while to do that, but I hope it will make a difference.
Monday I started blocks for a new quilt, but haven’t touched it since. I made 42 blocks but it will take 81, I think. It’s easy enough but not sure yet if I’m happy with it. It’s Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company, Double Slice.
I tell you I think my husband and I have been in quarantine too long together. Have you ever watched the movie Steel Magnolias? If you have then you can relate to my story. If you haven't, then go watch that movie! It's about us southern women!
I called my sister and told her my hair was going to start falling out in patches like Weezer’s dog in that movie. I also told her, I have my own Drum.
He (hubby) has squirrels in the garden pulling his corn stalks down, so he went out on the porch and shoots the shotgun to scare them out. I knew he was going to shoot, so I was prepared. Then I forgot about it, because it went a long time, before he shot again. I told her scared me so bad, I almost dropped what I had. Just hope my hair doesn’t falling out like on the movie every time Drum shot! If it scared that poor squirrel half as much as me, he won’t be back!😳
Then yesterday we worked in the yard. I had told him a month ago (sometimes it takes awhile before he’s ready😩) that my wisteria needed TRIMMING. Well he decides a month later to do it..... He butchered my wisteria!😩😩 you can see how big it WAS!😩
Roses are pretty though and I counted 14 itty bitty tomato’s on my plants. Look close. There are two above that big (lol) one. Squint your eyes, they are there!
My monkey grass needs thinning around my yellow lilies, but I don’t dare say. He may interpret it to mean GET RID OF! You can see the other wisteria in the far right background....he TRIMMED that one too. :(
Yes, this week has flown by for me. Hope your days are full and you are all well and safe. Love to all- Toogie


by sewdeb 15 May 2020

I'm so sorry your wisteria was scalped! Luckily my DH didn't inherit that gene! He's pretty good about pruning, but maybe it's just because his chainsaw died! My tomato plants are living in front of the window in my dining room until it (if ever) warms up enough to plant them outdoors! Not the window garden I was hoping for! 😄
You yard is gorgeous and those roses are spectacular!

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

It’s 82 degrees here with a slight breeze. Suppose to rain again this afternoon. It sure will help if it just doesn’t rain too much. You are smart to start your plants early. That may be what we need to start doing since the ground stays wet too long before he can plow and row it up. Grass wants to take over because plants are late.

by asterixsew Moderator 15 May 2020

Right I have just learnt something new. I have presumed for years that I was suffering alone in the short back and sides approach to gardening by my other half. Now I know it’s something inbuilt. The result is that I don’t do as much in our garden as too much I have nurtured has had the chop. Toogie thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely garden

toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

Yes, I agree. No matter what part of the world you are from the men must be alike when it comes to this.

Out of curiosity, y’all call the area around the house the garden, we call it the yard. We call where we plant the vegetable our garden...what do you call that space?

marianb by marianb 16 May 2020

A vegie patch.

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 May 2020

Ha, ha. I am seeing double this morning.
I do not have a husband that destroys however the gardener prunes and sometimes I think he may have killed the plant just to watch it come to live with beautiful bloom.
It looks as if you have a big lot to take care of. Is the first picture the wisteria? Stay save and well.

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

I bet you are seeing double😉👀🤣
Yes, the first picture is what is left of the wisteria. I regret no before picture. I’m sure it will come alive again and in consideration he did need to cut poison ivy out of it. Trouble is it twist and vines back on itself so much, the good was cut out with the bad.
He mows about 2 1/2 acres of grass, so in relation to city dwellers I guess it is a lot to mow. I don’t mow or even know how to drive those zero turns.

by 02kar Moderator 15 May 2020

I loved the laughs and the pictures too. I think most of our hubbies share the need to destroy. hehe My husband said if it isn't fenced off, it will be mowed. And he did mow down my gardens once. We worked together to mark them and he then left them alone. hehe We never seem to run out of things to do here. Between our home and the new to us but well used 1999 5th wheel we purchased and are renovating, time flies. BTW, I also recommend the movie Steel Magnolias too. Here's a chuckle for everyone. My hubby got a meme from someone that says "gas is cheap, I have nowhere to go and everyone has shaggy hair. I'm living back in the 70s again". And oh my, is my hair shaggy. hehe Good thing the barbers and hair dressers are opening up again here.

toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

Karen there is no excuse for a lady with scissors, to have a man or herself shaggy, when you have plenty time for a ‘mess up’ to grow out, practically unseen by others😉😂🤣

No joke, I have cut my husbands for years with barber clippers and on occasion cut my own. He helps cut the very bottom edge of mine, neckline area, for me.
I love Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes!

02kar by 02kar 15 May 2020

No one wants me to cut their hair when I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. hehe My hair is below my shoulders now and I am learning a new skill: how to use barrettes. I know, my life is just too filled with fun.

by pennifold 15 May 2020

Gorgeous piccies Toogie. My husband does the same thing, I now make sure I'm around when he goes to 'trim' something. He always cuts off far too much and one day I was in tears when he cut off all of my Duranta flowers. AAAAAGGGHHH!!!! He said not to worry as it will regrow, and of course it always does. So from now on I've told him not to touch it!!! Love Chris
Picture of a Duranta bush.

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

This flower is beautiful! It has a velvet look on my phone. We are sitting on the porch waiting for dinner/lunch to be done. I think I would have cried too and almost did when I saw what he was doing. I wish I had a bush like yours, very pretty.

by jrob Moderator 15 May 2020

Your yard looks beautiful. Good job Drum.
I love your and your sense of humor. You made my day.

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

I love ya too and Drum just raised his eyebrows when I told him you said good job.
Hubby is a man of few words, but a lot of facial expressions. If people think I have a sense of humor, my son-in-law does too. He told my hubby, “Paw-paw when you die we gonna get the undertaker to raise your eyebrows, so you will ‘look natural’😉😂to which my hubby stretched his eyes and raised his eyebrows again🤣🤣🤣

by airyfairy 15 May 2020

Loved your pictures and your post. I never, never ask my husband to cut or prune anything in the garden. He doesn’t know when to stop. You can tell I speak from experience. LOL.

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

Sarah, I can go out to do something and he’s right there taking over. I don’t know if he thinks he can do it better, or faster, or what. I guess all of us ladies have had experienced this....

by mrskiki 15 May 2020

What a beautiful yard. But all I can see is a lot of grass to mow! Your hard work is paying off. Hugs. Nan

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

I just hope my tomatoes make it to my table! His garden has been planted and re-planted 3 times. Some things came up sparsely and some not at all. We only set out 6 tomato plants because out of about 45 last year, none made it. We had cucumbers we ate, pickled and gave away but no tomatoes😩 He does have a lot to mow but it doesn’t take too long.

by marianb 15 May 2020

thanks for the giggle I love that movie and can just see him scaring the squirrels away. I cringe every time I say to my husband something needs pruning his idea is with a chain saw at ground level (lol) so need to keep an eye out at all times or be very explicate about what has to be done. My garden has shot up very well this year loads of vegies and flowers.

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

Now you made me laugh. Our saw isn’t working but we do need some oak limbs cut off but I shudder to imagine him out there with a saw. I lost a lot of my flower beds due to not being able to weed them myself but I THOUGHT I could have bushes😉😂

by dailylaundry 15 May 2020

When we lived in Mobile, we had Monkey grass. It edged our circular driveway - Your yard looks so pretty - love the beautiful flowers!! Hugs and stay safe!!

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2020

I offered my daughter Marsha the ones I thin out. She had said at one time she wanted some. I also have it around a bed with a birdbath in the center.