by mary51 07 May 2020

Can you use Embird to do lettering circles, curves waves etc., using your font not Embirds.. thank you


by muflotex 14 Jul 2020

Hi Mary,
it is a lot of time to invest but i triy to first merge the letters from "my font" to the words I need and then play in editor with the enverlope function. hard to explain what to do there because I only do it once or twice a year and am not a digiwiz :) perhaps some of the geeks can explain better how the enverlope funktion works. stay save

by mops Moderator 03 Jul 2020

Yes, you can. See how it's done in the (text) tutorial on the Embird site, You can do it two ways, one if you just want to do it once or twice, the second way is called mapping. That takes some time, but that's worth doing if it is a favorite alpha. I have done it for some of the ones I digitised myself. It is not a new function.

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mops by mops 03 Jul 2020

Once you have mapped it you can use it in Editor like any Embird predigitised font.

by pennyhal2 03 Jul 2020

I understand that this is possible if you have a newer version of Embird, but I have not tried that. I think the font has to be in True Type (if I got that right) format. I use the TT all the time in Embird, but I do have Font Engine.