by mary51 02 May 2020

I made these burp cloths many years ago..I can not find them in my files...I would like to know the site....Thank you.


by hoplessnz 11 May 2020

Hello there have you had any response from Smart Needle yet ? I would be interested in purchasing these designs as well . Could you please keep me informed if you .
Thank you in advance

by pennyhal2 03 May 2020

I can see why you'd want to make them again! I keep a folder that I put everything i stitch in. It has saved me more than once! Hope you find them.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 12 May 2020

Me too. I also keep notebook with the design name, date stitched and recipient. Makes it much easier

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 12 May 2020

I think I'll start putting the site I got if from down too and do something like you describe.

by pennifold 03 May 2020

I went back through your Projects thinking you might have put where the design came from when you first did it, but you didn't!

So the link below is just people commenting on your original post. Good luck with finding where it came from. Love

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mary51 by mary51 04 May 2020

Thank you for all your work I remember it came from Smart Needle but I can not find it in my folders I spent all day long looking through the files.. I remembered it is from Smart Needle. i e mail the company they responded if the design is before 2016 it is not in my account they asked for my email I am waiting for their response.

by babash 02 May 2020

I would love to know as well. Do you know where you got the shape from?

mary51 by mary51 04 May 2020

I made the shape. folded a long piece of paper drew a guitar shape the inside curve I measure my neck and shoulder and rounded till it was comfortable. to ware.

babash by babash 05 May 2020

Thank you

by mary51 02 May 2020

I remember the right design is from one site the others are from the same site.