by 02kar Moderator 28 Apr 2020

So I am enjoying reading about those of you who have animals and how they are helping to keep you entertained. Many are happily helping by sewing masks and even scrubs . I love it that we are seeing parents spending time with their kids and doing fun things like playing games, riding bikes. Are any of us doing something new and different? I just ordered a bunch of DVDs from Great Courses. Maybe my Handsome Hubby and I can learn something new at our age. hehe We also bought a new freezer and are learning how to vacuum seal with the Food Saver vacuum sealer I have had for years and only used to seal jars of dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices and herbs. We have to find ways to keep our brains active somehow, I guess. So any ideas to share on how you keep sane and happy?


by asterixsew Moderator 30 Apr 2020

Well as my cat doesnt live with me (my daughter has her after we moved to live by a busy road) but my neighbours cats visit daily. They have social distancing down to a fine art... My older daughter is busy nursing and works long hours in the local hospital while her sons are having fun being at home or off on bike rides with their dad. My younger daughter has been redeployed and trying to get to grips with two small children and their education and the new job, her husband is working or on call for long long hours. My IT skills which had become rusty with retirement have been challlenged and improved. My husband has put a vege plot into our back garden and as its now wet has been redeccorating the sitting room. There is always lots to do and apart from meeting friends and family life is fine.. Spare time is infrequent.

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02kar by 02kar 30 Apr 2020

I think many of us are using this time to get projects done. I'm happy to see you are keeping busy. I sure hope we all can soon welcome home our friends and family members who have been working so hard and too often even out of their own countries.

by dailylaundry 28 Apr 2020

We bought a Cribbage Board and relearned how to play (I haven't played it since I was about 10!!). We are going for walks and swimming just about every day! Swimming relaxes me and is a fun way to exercise. In the kitchen we are planning our meals and making use of all leftovers - trying not to throw out anything if possible. I took 2 very very ripe bananas and made Banana Bread, which my dear hubby raved about! I just read where there may be a scarcity of meat soon. So, we talked about it and decided we eat too much meat anyway and we will be able to make do. We do Sudoku everyday which is such a fun puzzle. We Facetime with our children all the time! We are doing our best to isolate, and have since the beginning of March. Looking forward to going home and be able to hug out kiddos and grandchildren one day!! Hugs to you dear Karen - take good care of yourself and your Handsome Hubby!! Laura

02kar by 02kar 28 Apr 2020

I haven't played Cribbage in decades. What a fun way to spend some time. It sounds like you are living a very full life in spite of not being in your own home. That is not easy to plan your meals so there is little to no waste. Please do share any tips you learn. The couple we helped who had been stranded here waiting for their transmission to be fixed made it home a couple of weeks ago. I was so pleased they had an uneventful trip. So I will be hoping for the same for you two..

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 28 Apr 2020

Thank you, Karen - My dear hubby says, we'll stay through May. As much as we miss our kids - I agree with him. This sickness would be horrid for him to catch. So, I appreciate him being careful and sense able!! Order yourself a cribbage board - We do a lot of laughing playing it! Take good care!!