by jenne 22 Apr 2020

Here is my newest project a pillow sham set or my daughter, she has a king size bed so the shams look a little large on my bed, just finished it today.


by toogie 22 Apr 2020

Very nice! I know she will be thrilled.
I just took these colors off my Full bed. Yes, big & old as we are (lol) we still like sleeping close, so a big bed would be wasted space, bedding, etc. When Gus & Nora come for the night, I get in the Queen guest bed with them to go to sleep. Once I wake up (lol) I go back to my bed. When I quilt a King quilt I tell my husband a King bed should be against the law!-lol-lol-lol-too heavy and bulky to manage with these shoulders.

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jenne by jenne 22 Apr 2020

Yes, she love it I sent a picture to her, maybe after this virus is contain somewhat, we can get together i will give it to her she lives about an hour from me.

by kustomkuddle 22 Apr 2020

Beautiful work. If she doesn't like it, I could find a place for them on my king size bed! LOL

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jenne by jenne 22 Apr 2020

ok I let her know hehehe.

by dailylaundry 22 Apr 2020

Love, love, love it!! The colors are wonderful!

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jenne by jenne 22 Apr 2020

Thank you i like it.

by sewdeb 22 Apr 2020

Terrific shams! Love the colors, so bright and cheery!

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jenne by jenne 22 Apr 2020