by toogie 18 Apr 2020

Hi Cuties, here is something I read about the toilet paper situation, in one woman's home. She actually posted more about Social Distancing, but I will tell you this one, because I could relate to it. Seriously relate or laugh at myself, so I did both. She said:

I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on wheel of fortune. Now I turn it like a safe cracker!


by meganne 19 Apr 2020

My hubby, Ray, was raised in a country town and his dad was the town baker, so Ray really loves his bread, but he will only ever eat bread that is fresh, not even one day old. So nearly every day I have between 6 -10 slices to feed the local ducks, (yes I know ducks aren't supposed to eat bread but Ray's bread is chocka block full of seeds and grains and the ducks fight over it.
Anyway, since we are both high risk, in isolation and can't go shopping frequently, I haven't even had a single crust of Ray's bread left over to feed the ducks. I find that amazing!

It's also good for me because now I have to walk downstairs every day to feed the ducks pellets, better for the ducks too. :-)

As for TP, yes we are counting each sheet as we have only been able to buy one, x 4 roll, pack in about six weeks.

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toogie by toogie 19 Apr 2020

Meg, I have enough right now, because when I buy it's in bulk of muli-packs. I still find myself regressing, though unconsciously, wrapping those extra sheets around my hand before I wipe and think, 'what AM I doing?!' so I tear off what I really NEED and stick the excess in the roll for next time. It keeps me conscience too for the next use, not to waste, even tho I have plenty right now, we need to conserve...I hope you are able to restock soon. Take care

by 02kar Moderator 18 Apr 2020

I had to read this to my hubby. We both laughed out loud. And it makes sense to me to be less wasteful to with TP, food and every other item we consume So be sure you eat all of your food.

toogie by toogie 18 Apr 2020

Karen when I was a little girl and we went to my grandmother's on Sunday for lunch, she had a church pew on one side of the table. The little ones sat there to eat. You were told you had to clean your plate, before you could be excused to go play. I really liked field peas, but not a lot of other things. So I would get my cousins Phillip or Russel to help me 'clean my plate', by eating all the other things.....It's been a long time since I needed help like that.-lol I don't have a problem cleaning my plate anymore.
I still think tho, don't take it if you're not going to eat it, because I cannot stand to waste especially food when there are hungry people, that would love to have what is wasted.

02kar by 02kar 19 Apr 2020

We are on the same page. We are so aware of the folks who struggle financially. And it is so much worse now thanks to this virus.

toogie by toogie 19 Apr 2020

I know Karen and those that have health problems also are struggling, financially. I need to make a personal updated post about being aware and sharing, I guess.

by brendalea 18 Apr 2020

I can relate, our son is now trading internet service for TB.

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toogie by toogie 18 Apr 2020

Oh I hope he doesn't get tuberculous!
Oh, you must have meant T P -lol-just had to tease you.

I said this shortage has made some of us realize just how wasteful we are.

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Apr 2020

Thanks Toogie I like that

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toogie by toogie 18 Apr 2020

My pleasure.