by jenne 18 Apr 2020

Toogie, asks for a bit of humor, Here is a silly poem I wrote, called WORK

I'm up in the morning before it gets light,
Look in the mirror, OH! what a fright
Look at the clock, it's late.
a chance of a cup of coffee will have to wait,
I rush this way and that, it's late
Throw open the closet door for something to wear , noting's there it bare.
Dressed at last I make for the door ,purse in hand , keys where oh where, on the table, on the floor, Look! there in the door.
I on the road no one is honking where is everyone?
Parked in the lot, it's bare, the door it locked, the gate it's bared .
What have I done?
I went to work when there was none.
Today is Sunday.
written by: jeanne


by toogie 18 Apr 2020

lol-Jenne we had a lady in our church that rushed to get ready in time and when she got to church she was the only one there. She thought the rapture had come and she was left behind!...It was Saturday! not Sunday but she said you talk about a weird feeling.....

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jenne by jenne 18 Apr 2020

Just thought this up one day, I though it might be funny thing to do so I wrote about it. I have several poems about the fun things we did as kids I can them "Tales of My Childhood"

by gramsbear 18 Apr 2020

Thanx for the chuckle! we all need that, I think!...

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jenne by jenne 18 Apr 2020

Yes always.

by 02kar Moderator 18 Apr 2020

Thanks for the laugh! I'm loving being able to laugh. Let's keep the humor going.

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jenne by jenne 18 Apr 2020

I think so 2

by lidiad 18 Apr 2020

Love it! Well done Jenne.
Hugs, Lidia