by crazypatchmama 14 Apr 2020

Made these bags for the granddaughters of a friend.


by Sewmum1 14 Apr 2020

These are really sweet. Love how they have handle and a drawstring too. Did you use a pattern? My daughter would love the ballerina fabric. These would be perfect for her dance shoes

crazypatchmama by crazypatchmama 15 Apr 2020

Thank you. I did not use any pattern, just my usual drawstring bag which I cut in different sizes depending on who it is for, small or large. This is for the GD who is taking up ballet class. I just added the handle before adding the tunnel on top.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 15 Apr 2020

Thanks for replying. I will make a few of these for my daughter for her different pairs of dance shoes.