by mary51 11 Apr 2020

First mask from Smart Needle...Need to do 5 more....I used two layers of fabric and two heavy layers of interfacing...I think that should be good cover


by sewdeb 12 Apr 2020

Great job!

by Boutry 12 Apr 2020


by awesome1 12 Apr 2020

That's exactly how I've been making mine, I do the emb first, then iron on interfacing to cover the needle holes..not easy as I use the 'Olson' pattern w/seam in center. I interface the lining parts before sewing. So far about 3 doz or more--they are all over my neighborhood!

by cfidl 11 Apr 2020

It is very cute!

by noah 11 Apr 2020

He makes you smile :):)hugs

by babash 11 Apr 2020

Looks good will be looking to see if you do the other animals they have given out as well.

You have made me smile with this one.

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mary51 by mary51 12 Apr 2020

Tomorrow is the kitty mask.. only two..I am doing them for my grandchildren.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Apr 2020

Looks Cute. You want to make sure that one is able to breath through the mask.
P.S. You could have added that in the Project category since it required a embroidery hoop.