by mary51 11 Apr 2020

Good morning I need to know USB flash drive compatible with Janome 500e.... thank you


by noah 11 Apr 2020

I use the ones from the dollar tree and keep them when they get full .A few years later I have fun looking at what I sewed lol

by babash 11 Apr 2020

I am using an 8 gb in my Janome 500E no problem.

by asterixsew Moderator 11 Apr 2020

Mary I cannot help but as been said below I use a drive with only a few designs at a time otherwise the machine becomes overloaded and you get frustrated as it does t work.

by dlonnahawkins 11 Apr 2020

Mary - in checking the specs on that machine, I could not see the size you could use, but there is a Janome 64 mb offered when you google for that information. Check your manual and see how big a jump drive you can use. I have several that I use with my machines, but I do not have a Janome....I find that I like the 1G jump drives better than the others, and as I said....I have several. I find that in using the larger jump drive it may take longer to load designs into my machine.

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mary51 by mary51 11 Apr 2020

Thank you I read the manual and I couldn't find it.