by mary51 05 Apr 2020

I have navigate many embroidery site looking for a cute girls mask for protection.. Smart Needle are very cute and free but not to girly.


by graceandham 05 Apr 2020

Be careful. Extra needle holes for decorative stitching destroys the integrity of the shield. You wouldn't make a mask out of cheesecloth would you? The virus particles are minute.

by dilceia 05 Apr 2020

I have these.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 06 Apr 2020

Dilicia These are soooo Cute!, Hugs, Judy...

by dilceia 05 Apr 2020

Mary, I have several models and I can send you. Facebook or email. Can I donate here? I don't know how to post. kisses

by Janus48 05 Apr 2020

Maybe embroider a small butterfly or hearts etc just on the outside panel of the mask so that there aren't extra holes through the whole mask and then perhaps iron on a fusible interfacing. And of course if it's just fabric there are so many prints that would lend themselves to girly masks.....unicorns...princesses....etc. Just as there are plenty of prints for boys as well.

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Apr 2020

There are many free masks about on embroidery sites at the moment. Personally I prefer effective rather than cute. My husband and I are making scrubs for our local doctors.

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toogie by toogie 06 Apr 2020

Me too Caroline, effective is most important. You can always use a girly fabric.