by jenne 26 Mar 2020

I first heard of this on "sandra betzina" sewing, it's called a (Clapper ) and it will set your seams or press seams flat I use mine in quilting and regular sewing, kind of expensive to by so you can make your own very easy using a 2x4x12" with a handle attached to it work great.


by asterixsew Moderator 26 Mar 2020

Its years since I have used one of these but it gives a great finish to what ever you whack with it.

by jenne 26 Mar 2020

Clapper, Home made the holes are where I use a hole punch one time not part of the clapper,

by sewtired 26 Mar 2020

It would help to have a picture or a link. Can't really tell what you are talking about.

jenne by jenne 26 Mar 2020

OH , ok, here is picture of mine and also one u can buy. They make your seams look beautiful and lay so nice and flat.

noah by noah 28 Mar 2020

Wow i might ask someone to make me one can u please tell me the size of it Jenne?

jenne by jenne 01 Apr 2020

sure just now saw your question, it is a 2x4x12 and add a handle.