by airyfairy 26 Mar 2020

Just felt like having a chat. At midnight tonight we go in to total lockdown for at least 3 weeks. There will be no shops, restaurants or any other public places - only supermarkets for food and pharmacies. We will only be allowed to go out for food and medicines. There will be no bicycles, jogging, running or walking dogs. We have been told to stay at home.

Thank goodness for technology. I know that here in South Africa that we are behind other countries. We have just over 700 tested positive and as I write no deaths. I hope we haven’t left total lockdown too late.
I have been playing around this morning and this is the mask I have come up with in case I leave the house.
There are no masks in our shops.


by dragonflyer 26 Mar 2020

Hi Sarah, your mask is lovely! Love the cheery pink fabric. Our state directed all to shelter in place, which is not quite the same as your lock down. We are allowed to go outside to walk the dog, or exercise, but have been asked to stay at least 6 feet apart from anyone who does not live in your home...also not to have anyone enter your home unless they have been living there. All "non-essential" businesses have been ordered to close their doors. Restaurants can deliver and offer take-out, but must adhere to the 6 foot distance at all times. Unfortunately there have been many who are still not taking this pandemic seriously and they have caused our state to close even more places. I only leave my home to go for food now. Thank goodness I have a hobby I love and the supplies in my home to keep me occupied, as well as this community to socialize with daily...Keep safe!

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airyfairy by airyfairy 26 Mar 2020

Just wish I could walk Keenu. Thank you Kim for the post.

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Mar 2020

Join the club. Its very quiet outside and we are so very lucky to have a brilliant neighbour who is keeping an eye on us and shopping in ways I haven't tried before. Take care

asterixsew by asterixsew 26 Mar 2020

PS love your mask

airyfairy by airyfairy 26 Mar 2020

So presumably Caroline you are allowed to go out for a walk

by 02kar Moderator 26 Mar 2020

Oh my! Three weeks is a long time to be locked down. I agree, thank goodness for technology. So far the governor has not declared a lock down here but most of us are self quarantining anyway. There is little traffic here. Make several masks and keep bleaching them. I really like this one. It's very pretty.

airyfairy by airyfairy 26 Mar 2020

So good to “see” you again. My mask has three layers and I have used a type of cleaning cloth for the middle one. I do not think it would pass any hospital standards but probably better than nothing. Have not been able to get masks or hand sanitizer for weeks.

graceandham by graceandham 26 Mar 2020

If you have HEPA filters for your air conditioning or vacuum, use that white filter as your inner layer.

airyfairy by airyfairy 26 Mar 2020

We do not have AC and my vacuum does not use bags. Thank you for the suggestion.