by teddybear117 26 Mar 2020

Designs by Babymoon has (2) sets of designs to put on your facemasks. For those who might be interested scroll half way down the home page.


by gramsbear 26 Mar 2020

I put the embroidery on the light material before sewing the mask together! It is not easy, but gives the younger ones incentive to ware them!.
Thanx TeddyBear for the link!...

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 27 Mar 2020

I thought the same. I bought some masks just for when my grandchildren had colds or throat issues...then this nasty bug came along...they don't like the plain ones but the one's with animal faces they love

by genin 26 Mar 2020

Thank you, perhaps for another occasion

by mrskiki 26 Mar 2020

Not a good idea to put embroidery on face masks.