by 02kar Moderator 14d ago

Hello everyone. I'm glad to see we Cuties are taking good care of ourselves during this difficult time. my handsome hubby and I are holed up in our home also. We are healthy as is everyone around us. We are so fortunate for that. I have my lists of projects to get through. Unfortunately none of them are embroidery. I'm trying to do all sorts of things that have been on my list to make life easier and never got to. So how are all of you managing to fill these empty hours during this crazy time?


by airyfairy 11d ago

Have missed you. Also have a long list of things to do - some embroidery but mostly things around the house. Keep safe. Cyber hugs.

by zoefzoef 12d ago

Hi Karen.. for the moment I hardly have empty hours.. I'm still working every day.. at the IT department and we are trying -from home- to support people as well we can with their new way of working and technologies in which they were quickly enrolled.. for some of them it isn't so easy, to use a laptop, connect to the office environment, use teams, softphone to cal,...
Last Saturday I cleaned my garden, and -due to restrictions of hairdressers closed- cut the hair of my 2 dogs myself. Well at least I tried to do so...
I hope to do some sewing coming Saturday... we will see..
At least my family and friends are still ok.
Stay safe everybody !! Rgds Linda

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by toogie edited 13d ago

Hello Karen! So good to see your lovely face and hear that you are healthy. We too, have been 'holed up' as you say, for almost a week. So far so good, although sadly, we are hearing of more and more positive cases(1,338) and deaths(46), in the state. Hopefully soon, it will change for the better.
I am sewing and hubby is glued to the TV, so what's new? It's a good thing we are home bodies.-lol So what's on your list?.......

by sewdeb 13d ago

It's so great to see you, Karen, and to learn you and your hubby are doing well! I've been taking care of my DH who had surgery last week and doing a lot of cooking and cleaning. I got to shovel snow yesterday, so there's my aerobics (for the week. LOL!) Take care, stay well and don't be a stranger! Hugs*, Deb

toogie by toogie 13d ago

Glad to hear your hubby is home and has such a good and loving caregiver.

sewdeb by sewdeb 13d ago

We'll be celebrating our 41st anniversary next week. And they said it wouldn't last. 😍 Stay well, hugs*, Deb

toogie by toogie 13d ago

Good for you! You showed’em!

by basketkase 13d ago

Karen, it is wonderful to hear from you and to know all is well with you and your loved ones. Doing tons of digitizing and testing, but have to work around Jim as he is telecommuting from home and even though he is in the living room he has a hard time hearing when my machine is working it out together.......we are watching alot of comedy on TV at night to get some humor in our lives. We noticed that we are not getting tired at night when our normal bedtime comes around, and I believe it is from inactivity, so am hoping this weather breaks soon so we can get outside and walk to take breaks....I am doing my Yoga and that helps as well.....

by dragonflyer 13d ago

So glad you popped in, Karen, and that you and all are well...

by pennifold 13d ago

Hi Karen, so lovely to see your smiling face and read that you and your handsome hubby are doing well.
I've been sewing every day since we got back from the Blue Mountains last week (which was where we heard about the Coronavirus) so am busy. I want to clean out my sewing cupboards too, so will get around to that soon.
I've got to take Mum to the Doctor's tomorrow as her legs are really bad with swelling. She also needs her Vitamin B12 needle, she is 86 now and has some health issues.
As for the new rules according to our Prime Minister (now on Channel 9 Live) I can't go and see the grands (but we can Facetime them) and he's telling us all about the things we are not allowed to do anymore. We must all keep isolated. Love Chris

by lbrow 13d ago

Karen, So good to hear from you and know you are doing well. Come back again soon. You are missed.

by graceandham 14d ago

I've finished four books and the yard is looking better. I had finished cleaning closets and getting rid of stuff before all this started. So now my clothes aren't crammed! I finally admitted that this knee won't let me wear heels any more. Don't forget to do some fun things, like the embroidery so you will have happier memories of this time!

by crafter2243 Moderator 14d ago

Glad to see your familiar avatar. Happy you checked in. I hope you are staying safe

by dailylaundry 14d ago

Oh, Karen - wonderful to see your post! Hope you are doing well! I am doing some embroidery projects, reading, and "social distancing" taking walks and the usual, cleaning, washing, cooking, etc. The day actually goes by very quickly. We also Facetime with our kids and grandkids!
We have missed you!! Hugs, Laura

by asterixsew Moderator 14d ago

Karen how super to hear from you. Will reply more later as listening to news breaking that the uk is in lockdown

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02kar by 02kar 14d ago

You have my prayers.