by awesome1 23 Mar 2020

more face masks. I too, have been making masks for my friends, and I've ''prettied'' them up a bit with embroidery. Had 21 done by bedtime last night--started Saturday afternoon. I have lots of scraps and this is good way to use up.


by loriziegler 28 Mar 2020

They turned out really pretty!

by crazypatchmama 27 Mar 2020

Also tried this one out, you have been very busy.

by airyfairy 27 Mar 2020

I think these are lovely. Anything to cover the nose and mouth is better than nothing at all.

by blueeyedblonde 26 Mar 2020

Great job!

by pennifold 25 Mar 2020

Great work on all of these. Love Chris

by basketkase 24 Mar 2020

Great job.......your friends will love you for these!

by toogie edited 24 Mar 2020

While these are pretty I don't think I would embroider on them. The less needle holes the better. I also am concerned about the center seam right where you will be inhaling and exhaling....
I understand as well as the rest of the world the need to protect ourselves. It is a shame we don't have effective simple mask to save lives. Saturday we had 20 deaths total, in my state. Today, March 23rd the total was 34. Tuesday 03-24-2020 is 46.
God bless you for your work effort.

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awesome1 by awesome1 24 Mar 2020

Toog, the pattern called for the center seam, but I soon realized it was not a good idea. And tho the emb does compromise the outer layer, there is an inner layer of quilting fabric, and the 3M hvac filter between, These are not going to medical facility, but to my friends who don't sew. I'm relying on the 3M filter to make my offers worthwhile. And they say anything is better than nothing! I and my elderly friends will be hunkered down in our homes for most of this pandemic. We've only had 6 confirmed cases in my county so far--fingers crossed and prayers.

by sonjapotgieter 23 Mar 2020

Stunning work done!!!!Awesome pattern

by cfidl 23 Mar 2020

These look really great. I am totally impressed with the amount of work you got done in a short time.

by noah 23 Mar 2020

love them who's pattern is this .I might make another one lol
I made just one for John and I Hugs xxx

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by awesome1 23 Mar 2020

I am going to add a layer of the hepa filter or hvac filter to the inside of the masks I have made from 2 layers of fabric.

by lidiad 23 Mar 2020

Well done! What kind of fabric did you use? Can you breath comfortably?
Hugs, Lidia

awesome1 by awesome1 23 Mar 2020

I used 2 layers of good quilting cotton fabrics, but have just learned about using the 3M hvac filters for masks--supposedly two layers equals the N95??--the medical requirements for drs and nurses. I bought 2 wrong size last week--they will be used one layer with one layer of fabric. But they won't be washable for re-use, so I will donate to hosp.

awesome1 by awesome1 23 Mar 2020

OH! These will not have emb designs added as the needle holes would defeat the purpose.

cfidl by cfidl 23 Mar 2020

good point and good to know!